page not loading - Cubase: Your guide to music production

Hi… I cant load cubase page Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg … its white page all the time ?


Worked for me just now.

it loads for a few seconds, than white page … i try on several browsers . safari, chrome … mobile etc …

Mac thing? I’m on Windows. Still loads on Firefox.


It works for me here on Mac.

strange. i check to my several friends… also not working… it looks like some third party plugin on site is broken when comes to load … also some people report the same on steinberg fb page

Not working site…

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Don’t work link.

Did you try just going to and not to the Cubase page?
Is it a country or region thing where access to the site is being blocked, do you think?

home page loads fine. everything works fine until now.

yes, its somethnig up to the region and country. i dont know what

Essentially every page on except the homepage goes completely blank after a split second on Brave, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Something’s not right :eyes:

not working for me very well either,

all the header menu options are gone, and the pages don’t seem to want to load… they show the website spinning beachball equivalent

This bug is back on. I browsed in to read about the summer campaign and all pages except the front page is just blank white on my Mac M1 and iPhone 13.

I just checked on my iPad and the Cubase, Wavelab, Dorico, and Sales pages loaded normally. However, the VST Instrument page was blank for me. When I went back to the front page and navigated back to the Instruments page it loaded normally.

yep same for me it was working fine last nighth then i just got the email saying there doing a sale…i clicked on it the browser loaded the page for a split second then went white.

steinberg check your site somethings not right.

heres a work around …
in the top right hand of your browser is 3 dots.
click on that then click on new private browser.
type in
it now loads up fine.

We are working on that issue. Clearing the browser cache (or using an alternative browser) should fix it. Sorry for this!

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Seems to work for me now.

The error should only occur if you have visited the Steinberg website recently and therefore an older version of the site is still stored in your browser cache. This older version contained a feature that automatically redirected users to the language of the website selected in their browser. We have removed this feature and replaced it with a notice to a language that may be more suitable for the user.

If the problem occurs, it helps to delete the browser cache or to change to the Incognito / private mode.

We are very sorry!