Steinberg support, expected response time?

Steinberg support, expected response time?
I created a issue on their online support. I got a automatic response asking if I used protools with the grand.
I dont have any the grand license so their robot should classify that as unlikely. And then it was about steinberg hardware and iC pro. Guess what? They are not there either. Very likely questions a few days after a new cubase release… I assume they are quite busy now, but how busy?

I have been told Steinberg is very busy with support things,it can be a few days before they answer back. Well lucky the new C9.5 runs pretty well. So i dont think they have more users asking questions about it, well install problems and not running problems aside. The time i did make a support ticket for Halion 6 not rezising, they answered back in a few days. I quess that support of steinberg is allways busy. They said to me to call steinberg would be faster. But i quess they are just busy…

I received the answer in around one and half month.

I think the “normal” average is around 3 business days. Right now I wouldn’t expect a response in less than a week.

Depending on what you’re going to ask it might be much easier to just make a new thread about it.

I’ve been waiting over a week. And counting…

2 weeks but it was a holiday this week and they were off friday… but pretry bad because i cannot use cubase at all now…

I can NOT confirm that. Expect 3 weeks+

My last two tickets (one in v9 era with a showstopperand one not so problematic) via mySteinberg took more than 30 days which I find unacceptable. Steinberg really needs to improve their response time.
I dare not think what would I do if it took that amount of time in a case of nonfunctional dongle.

I got a reply now. About two month.
“Sorry, we had a maintenance of our servers and we did not read your mail at all but you got a generic cut&paste mail
that describes how you remove your preferences.”

I dare not think what would I do if it took that amount of time in a case of nonfunctional dongle.

It would take less time. There is a different process in support. Search for Steinberg “Zero Downtime”. It takes about two to three days. If you still have an eLicenser that works, you can also immediately get a temporary license of the software.

It’s been two weeks for me so far, about not getting a trial license for Padshop Pro with multiple tries/downloads (it’s not in my Spam folder).

I used to be on Pro Tools (over two years ago), and while their subscription model is not as enjoyable on the wallet, their customer care was great. I could call and get someone on the line always, who would take as much time as needed to help. They would also respond pretty fast to emails. My guess is that Steinberg support is very understaffed.

Ha, exactly what I got on my case last month. It may have been as long a wait as three months in my case. Since then it’s been about 6-8 weeks of jumping through all the hoops I knew it couldn’t be as I’d already tried the logical ones myself (trashing prefs etc). Had a minor breakthrough this week at the end of that chain (I had to update to 9.0.30 knowing it would do no good before he could “help me any further”), when he said “oh yeah, they’re aware of problems with Track Archives”. Could he not have opened with that?!!!

I get how it works - customer service work off scripts. Everyone gets the cut and paste generic solutions, and they are not willing to even read your case until all that is gone through regardless of how illogical.

I’m hoping to get more info out of support at least - I’ve asked for more but nothing so far forthcoming. I’ve been living with these bugs now for a couple of years and at the end of my tether. I’m completely uninterested in going to 9.5 til this is fixed, the bugs are so debilitating to my workflow that everything else feels absurdly trivial.

I received a response today which was 10 days from when it was submitted. Very generic response which I will try.

Now their servers are in need for maintenance again… (Seriously they don’t work)

Im now on 8 month without any efforts to respond from steinberg to the support request.

I’m on 3 months… Still waiting

My experience has been that I get a reply anywhere from 48 hours to never. I did get a phone call one time and the guy seemed totally stressed. He was letting his breath out so loudly that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

My response times have been from a week to never. And the responses I would occasionally get were basically useless versions of either “we already know about that problem” to “I have no idea why that is happening, we’ll get back to you” and they never do. Bottom line, you are basically on your own.

There seems to a more than a few that is infinite response time so the average can not be a finite number. (Assuming closed, non responded issues never will be reopened)