Anyone else feel Steinberg support is terrible?

2 open support requests (both simple in nature), One is 9 days going unanswered and the other 4 days & counting.

Was thinking of upgrading to Cubase 9 Pro but if this is what I have to deal with when I have to contact tech support than no thanks. I’ve experienced much faster response times from arguably more ‘popular & busier’ companies namely Ableton & Native Instruments.

Anyone else gave up hope with Steinberg Tech support?

PS Note to moderator, deleting this post won’t address the problem or valid concerns we as customers have. As paying customers, we shouldn’t have to wait 9 days & counting just to get a simple yes or no answer when we need tech support.

I’ve not had poor response times from Steinberg tech support. They’ve usually been quite prompt in responding.

I have had two support tickets resolved within one or two days in the past.

FWIW, I have submitted three support requests with NI in the past several years and have yet to receive any response whatsoever other than the instant, automatically generated emails.

(See attached screen cap) Last activity to the recent support request was my own basically mentioning the poor response time.

Bare in mind to quote their own words;

‘‘Your request (ticket ID# 58774) has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff as soon as possible - usually within a few working days.’’

And yes, I know that for the most recent one it’s only been 4 days but let’s see how long it takes for them to finally respond. I will update this post once they do.

Wouldn’t it be funny if after posting this I get responses within the hour? I won’t hold my breath.

For the record, I generally find the forums far more helpful when needing help (for the most part anyway, the Groove Agent forum is like a ghost town). I shouldn’t get superior support assistance from other users over the company directly themselves. After all, they get paid to assist & are obliged to do so.

Judging by both your replies I guess that I’m personally just having a bad experience and that Steinberg Tech support is as prompt as you both say they are.

As for NI not responding at all, I never had that experience with them when I had issues with Maschine but if that’s the case then that’s just as bad.

It’s not surprising to me at all that you get better support from fellow users…those who actually use the software for creative purposes day in day out will often have far more experience than those tasked to offer support a part of their job.

I’ve never needed Steinberg support (but have been helped by the Forum many times) so can’t comment on them directly but with other software it’s not un-common to be given incorrect advice from support lines whilst the user Forums give the correct answers.

Have you posted your current issues here?

If it’s a Groove Agent question then yes,sadly, you may be out of luck as that Forum doesn’t seem to very active at all.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m having problems installing the latest Cubase AI 9 maintenance update. I get the following error messages (see attached caps).

Btw I’m a Cubase 7 user hesitant to upgrade to 9 Pro so am giving 9 AI a go. Liking it so far but tried to install the latest update & got the errors.

Any ideas?

Is my only option reinstalling everything just to see if it fixes this? I don’t want to disrupt my file structure, settings etc as I’m still not fully comfortable with were Cubase 9 AI puts everything.

I have a case opened 6 days ago with not a single reply so far.

Yes, I would try a new download of the update but can’t guarantee this will sort things out.
Is the previous version still working or has the aborted update broken it? Are you on Windows or Mac and either way, which version?

I’ve downloaded the update file several times so I know it’s not that. I was trying to avoid reinstalling the full entire program (not the update) just for this small update. It’s nothing major & I can continue to use the previous version (the update fail just leaves things as is) but I’m concerned about future updates since this one doesn’t install.

I’m on Windows 10 64bit.

This is quite a common issue with update installs…it’s looking for the original installer for some reason.
If you have the main AI installer run an install repair or uninstall/reinstall and then update…if not you ought to be able to download the full installer from your MySteinberg account.

Until 18-24 months ago it was decent response times from Steinberg.
It has fallen to a standstill since then.

For me it’s usually to get a problem acknowledges and if it’s known.
After two months in july I got response and they just make excuses and ask me to post again if problem persisted.

  • Yes, Steinberg - bugs just go away if you ignore them long enough.

If they attend to support tickets it’s just cleaning the backlog not even reading - and giving advice not to do with topic at hand.
Clearly understaffed for this.

Spreadsheet guys:

  • this green bar here for profits is not high enough - fix it by cutting down on support or something…

This on the topic in title.

I think it can depend on the type of ticket one submits, and which department(s) it ultimately gets sent.

I think it would be a fair assessment to conclude that Steinberg support has some weaker areas, but I would not go so far as to say ALL Steinberg support is ‘Terrible’.

It can also depend on things like web-site outages or problems. I.E. If the support site has some problems with servers, software updates, etc. (could even be third parties doing this for Steinberg), a lot of data can truly get lost, and the lowly service rep can’t do much about it.

My experiences have mostly been positive, but not always ‘instant’ or without a little push on my part. In my experience, this is common with just about ANY company that makes and services ‘system components’.

I.E. I needed a HALion 5 key after updating to version 6 (So I could roll back to 5 for some of my old 32bit systems). I got the key within a day of submitting the request.

I.E. I filed some bug reports with crash dumps, dxdiag profiles, and a long list of steps and example projects as to how I reproduced the problem. That transaction somehow got ‘lost’ in the shuffle; however, it did not take long for my issue to be acknowledged, as I’d also discussed it in various threads here on the forum, and the HALion team leader personally picked up on it, and requested I re-transmit my reports to him personally. The issue I’d encountered was immediately addressed in the very next beta release within a few days, and ultimately made it into the first official releases for H6, as well as an official fix patch for H5. It did take time for H6, and the H5 fixes to roll out, but this is normal, as things need to be documented, checked, and tested before they get sent out as an official release. Behind the scenes however, my issue was put into the jira, and teams started working on it immediately after they confirmed my issue was reproducible on a wide variety of systems.

The thing to realize is that no communication chain is bullet proof. Sometimes things get lost, misunderstood, or otherwise mishandled. It happens in all companies. The more complex and system specific your situation is, the more important it can be to follow up…do a little research on who in a company is responsible for what, and get information directly to them.

I do agree that it should NOT be the user’s job to have to ‘dig deeper’ to get the kind of support he might need…but in the real world it is sometimes necessary. People are people…and how we treat each other has a LOT to do with where our individual cases get parked ‘in line’.

Some people choose to get bent, and spend a lot of time and money voicing rants with no helpful details/information, while bouncing around from product to product any-time they get upset or feel ripped off. Others take a deep breath, work up a good report explaining the problem in detail, call a meeting with someone with the power to address it, and then serve up some coffee and doughnuts in the quest for solutions. Humans generally work better, and respond faster when communication is supportive, helpful, relative to their particular area of expertise, and to the point. The world class programmer deep in the cogs of some laboratory somewhere has no control over what someone at the service desk is doing (or not doing)…and sometimes you just need to find a way to politely, and as briefly as possible get your message directly to him/her.

Interesting you are talking about “days”. I’ve had to wait weeks sometimes…like many I tend now to come to the forums first before contacting support.

I’ve got one request at the moment that is months old and still no reply - I’ve given up :slight_smile:

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Just upgrade. It’s better… If you get issues, you’ll get support. Currently you’re just prating about which is a bit of a waste of time.

If I get issues I’ll get support? Respectfully, you clearly don’t know why I started this post in the first place.

One of my support requests is for Groove Agent 4 so I don’t think it’s a matter of wether I’m using their flagship DAW or not. If anything, it’s an indication of how they handle support requests in general. Doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence for upgrading knowing that if I run into a problem they ghost on me.

Prating about? lol The irony of someone wasting their time to comment on someone else they feel is wasting theirs.

Thankfully the issue I’m having in performing a maintenance update isn’t a major one. Makes me feel sorry for those users that actually have far more greater issues &/or problems.

And it’s not been a few days now, for my Groove Agent 4 issue it’s been 2 weeks.

I don’t want this thread to turn nasty so please only share if you’ve had experience directly with Steinberg Tech support and have something to add to the discussion. Thanks

Just buy it… It’s so much better.

Don’t worry I wasn’t being offensive, I prat about all the time, way too much of the time, it’s pretty much all i do! Seriously!!! I have dealt with tech support before, it was over a week for them to reply. Never did fix the issue, it’s a known issue but I was likely wasting their time. To be fair, them saying, “we know about this issue” rather than “please send us a project”, would of been a much better response.

The issue was accurate midi timing with hardware.

I have an issue that STOPS me from working. Cubase closes to desktop after 10-15 minutes of working, and Steinberg is not able to look at the crashreport and tell my what causes the crash for over 2 weeks now.

yep. ive had a request in for well over a week with a concern about license theft after a dodgy license control centre in russian was installed on my desktop (god knows how???)… not a jot of a reply yet. luckily im tech savy so ive changed passwords etc etc as a precaution.

Yes, I have a help ticket which hasn’t been answered for 9 days now, & I’m assuming it may not get answered at all. It’s quite simple - just a few lines of text with a couple of brief questions. Like the original poster, I want to upgrade to the latest version, & I don’t want to search for cracked versions, but I would appreciate my ticket being answered. I’m not bad-mouthing Steinberg, but I’d like a better support system.