Steinberg UK telephone number?

Is there a UK support number?


Ermmm ehem,

Is it a secret? :wink:

No, it´s so “un-secret”, that you can look it up on the steinberg site yourself…

…but the phone number they list on that page, has a German dialling code (0049) (?)

where are steinberg based ?
AFAIK there has not been any uk support from a uk dealer since the Arbiter Group but if your very nicely spoken then various music shops like dv27 and andertons will help you out if you don’t want to pay for direct support !


So… ehem… the answer is… ahem… no.

When I started with Steinberg products, the British agent had a vaguely rural-sounding address in (I think) Oxfordshire. In those pre-Internet days, telephone support was pretty good.

Since then, forget it. Steinberg don’t do support. Your support is from fellow-users here, and similar forums. What’s the problem?

Erm… I’ll have to be a bit controversial. Most studios that can afford a few thousand quid for a reliable DAW would probably not have any second thoughts about calling that number.

I’m not especially loaded but if my problem was that serious I’d just call. I’m pretty sure that if you made sure the guy at the other end knew what the problem was and he needed more time to get a fix then he’d ring you back later with the answer.
Also it’d be worth ringing to see if you could then get a one-to-one email session going to nail any problems.

If you have to spend a penny it’s better than limping home for the free one.

Well my problem is that Cubase 5 won’t play the midi volumes I set in the inspector. I’ve posted on the cu5 forum but no-one can help. I paid a lot of money for a legit copy of cubase so that i’d get customer support. Now I would like some…

Calling a ridiculously expensive number abroad is not what I paid for…

Leaving aside the implication that if you could have managed without support, an illegal copy would have been ok…

Levels set in the inspector DO work. It’s not a general bug. So we need a better, more detailed question. A project file where the problem occurs and/or some screenshots would help. Dropbox is a good system for making such available to us.

eehhheeeemm …YEP You can read well done !

I asked a valid question. The answer to that question is no. End of.

Re the MIDI volumes thing. What should I have my automation set to? Its currently set to ‘Replace 2 last value continues’. Is this O.K.? Could this have anything to do with it? The volumes seem to default to 100 rather than the volume set in the inspector.

You were asking about a setting in the Inspector, now you’re talking about automation. The clue to getting a good answer is to ask a clear question, and I’m afraid, so far, you haven’t!

Do this. Set up a simple Cubase Project. One MIDI track. Tell us what instrument, external or internal, it is routed to. Now, do whatever it is you’ve been doing to modify its level, and describe it in detail. Tell us where it doesn’t do what you expect.

As I said, project files and screenshots would be very helpful.

Where are you in the UK? Perhaps you live next door to one of us. You never know!

Mid volumes for the VSTis?
You set these from the VSTinstrument track channel.

Did anyone else report the same problem when you posted? No?
You don’t need support that badly. Maybe some attention.

I wouldn’t insist on support for that even if it was free.

you actually ask if there is a support number for the uk which there is , you didn’t specifically ask for a number "in " the uk


(Trivia mode on/) Evenlode Soundworks, based at Stonesfield near Woodstock (Oxford, not NY). They actually occupied the premises of the studio originally operated by the late Colin Sanders, who went on to found SSL. (Trivia mode off/)

Evenlode Soundworks were indeed a very helpful operation. Steinberg has never been properly represented in the UK since (my 2p)

There is a support number for the UK but it is not a UK Telephone number which was my question. RE the midi volumes thing in Cu5 I’ve put a post on the CU5 forum with a link to a test file I did. Any help would be much appreciated on this one as fundamentally none of the CU5.1 projects load properly in cu5.5.3. It’s something to do with instruments which are connected in 5.1. Doesn’t happen for instruments connected in 5.5.3… Any ideas?

That’s what you THOUGHT was your question, but what you actually asked - “Is there a UK support number?” - was ambiguous. Yes, there is a support number for the UK. No, that number is not IN the UK.

Now, how about that precise description of your MIDI problem, before we all get p****d of with you and go away? :slight_smile: