Steinberg UR12 electronics schematic


I have the same problem as from topics listed below

In fact these topics have no (useful) answers, moreover technical support no answering me so I repeating the problem.

After unplugging USB, my UR12 device doesn’t recognize at all. Changing computer, cable, USB port, drivers didn’t help at all. It just blinking. And give no connection to host

So I gone further and disassembled the device to the electric circuit. I tested the USB 2.0 connection and it works. 4 pins of USB 2.0 gives satisfied values (5.0V, -0.01V, -0.01V, 0.V)

To understand and debug where problem further I need an electric scheme. While measuring Voltage in some critical points it is possible to debug and fix the issue. But I need principal scheme to know what to debug

So, that’s query for you, Steinberg Devs. If you don’t care about technical support ( and you don’t since you still keep silence on coming techinical questions and problems) - just share electric scheme and I will do your job by myself.

Of course, if you not from Steinberg but know how to solve problem - you are very welcome.

And thank you anyway