Steinberg UR28 digital output with AES/EBU?

Hey, im about the receive the latest genelec 8330 which have digital input.
will this work with the Steinberg UR28 which has digital in / out?

Genelec Manual says:
The 8330A digital audio input (DIGITAL IN) accepts a male XLR connector carrying an AES/EBU formated
digital audio signal.

is AES/EBU possible with the ur28?

many thanks in advance

UR28M has S/PDIF digital I/O. .

Thanks for the info.
i managed it to connect my genelecs via the spdif output from the UR28 and it sounds great to far, but
now all the functions and knobs und knobs on the UR28 itself are not working anymore…

Output 1,2,3 - mute - Monomix - DIM - Output Level etc… if i click these nothing happens.
Is that correct? looks like the spdif digital output to a DSP Speaker disables the UR28 surface functions?

Not necessarily, it doesn’t seem to disable it on mine - I’m routing a signal out/in via S/PDIF to a processor, but having my main signal coming out Output pair A, and the surface controls do their thing as always for Output A. Maybe it’s that the S/PDIF output isn’t controlled by the surface controls, and that’s all you’re hearing? If you have a second set of speakers you could route the signal to (or headphones?), I think you could test it that way. Also, there’s a flow diagram way at the back of the manual, maybe that’ll shed some light on it.

Or just try a reboot!

The controls of the UR28m do not control the S/PDIF outs, only the Line outs ABC. Refer to the Schematic or block diagram on page 38 of the UR28m Op. Manual.

i understand… in other words the ur28 is with S/PDIF OUT only a “pass-through” ?
if none of the ur28 functions are working with digital output, the whole desktop-unit is more or less useless??

my setup is:
Mac -> USBcable -> UR28 -> UR28 S/PDIF-OUT cable --> digital input Genlec Monitor Speakers

Not exactly a “pass-through” but rather as an auxiliary pair of ins and outs, the outs of which are purposely not processed by the main monitoring circuitry as are the analog outs. They’re typically intended for external signal processing such as effects or recordering.
So yes , not ideal for your intended application. You might on the other hand try adding an A/D converter.

my Genelecs also have analog inputs, so thats not a problem, but with digital connection i would have better soundquality?
I would save 2 Steps A/D converting at all. i switched now back to Analog output and now the chain is:

UR28 -> D/A converting - Cable -> Genelecs input --> A/D converting -> Internal Genelec DSP Processing and again -> D/A converting to the Speaker drivers

This doesn’t make a lot of sense. What’s the reasoning behind using the Genelecs as D/A? DSP?

sure it make sense!
all new Genelec Models are digital DSP Monitors developed with filters and Measurement
capabilities to be stored directly into the speakers-memory with the GLM Software, which is very usefull for
optimizing room acoustics. its not a problem to feed them with an analog signal, but why - if the signal is digital anyway?