Steinberg UR44 - Problem with new iMac 2017 (sound drop out)

I’ve a Steinberg UR44 that was working fine until now with the latest drivers, mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 and a 2010 iMac.

Some weeks ago, I migrated to a new iMac 2017, and since then I’m getting drop outs of the sound every few minutes when using the Steinberg UR44 with this new machine, specially when using the interface with Logic, Sibelius or playing thought MIDI. It seems to work fine when there’s no MIDI input signal, only playing audio, but the sound cuts or drop out sometimes when I’m using samples or playing through MIDI.

I’ve installed everything from a clean instal, nothing was imported with a backup to this machine. The Steinberg UR44 is connected directly to the iMac into one of the 4 USB 3 ports, with no HUB. I’m using the latest version of Sierra (10.12.6), the latest Steinberg Tools (2.1.3) with the latest Yamaha Driver (1.9.10).

I continue experiencing more problems with the Steinberg UR44 and the new iMac 2017.

I’ve noticed that, when I power off the Steinberg interface while Logic Pro X is running, something occurs with the computer like a “crash”, and it disables everything: USB Ports, Bluetooth, Wifi… The completely system needs to be restarted.

It seems that the problem doesn’t occur when I power off the interface if Logic Pro X is not running. But when the app is running, the problem always happens.

I’ve the exact same issues! However, it occurs not specific when running Logic Pro X. Even when I’m not running any programs at all and power off the unit. Powering on the UR44 is no problem, but powering it off with the on/off button at the back when my iMac18,3 (newest 27") is on completely freezes everything as you are saying. No bluetooth, no usb (data & power), no nothing! Just freezing my whole iMac! The complete systeem needs to be hard-reset with the on/off switch from the iMac.

So in short, the problem is there when powering off the unit while doing nothing with it. No playing music or anything else, just a quick on, waiting for a bit and power it off. So it isn’t attached to any program or using the unit. At any time, any moment, powering off the problem occurs.

I’m running the UR44 on the newest firmware, newest software at my Mac and that doesn’t solved the problem. I sent the unit in for repair, hopefully they have found something! But I don’t find the UR44 reliable anymore, even when the unit is working again after the repair.

How is it possible, when the UR44 is just sitting on my desk, not moving form the moment I bought it (about 1,5 years ago) and suddenly freezes my whole iMac?!?!? Build quality maybe or a ‘bad unit’?

After contact support, they recommended me to connect the UR44 to a HUB USB, not directly to the ports of the iMac.

For me, this seems avoid the problem when powering off the interface. But I hope Steinberg releases some new drivers with 100% compatibility with the new iMac 2017, because this is not what we expect about the products of this company.

Kind of weird, as with using usb interfaces, they always want you to use directly into a USB-port of the computer… Looks to me, like they’re avoiding the problem or doesn’t want to say that they are working on a solution.

Finally I’ve got my unit back after sending it in for repair…they told me it wasn’t a hardware issue, but a software issue. Whether is it the software from Steinberg or something in MacOS 10.11, they told me they are working on a solution…the weird thing is, that I can’t read anything about Steinberg addressing the issues and telling their users they are working on a solution. Hopefully they will bring a solution very quick or else I’m ditching the unit and buy an interface from a competitor;).

My 2017 iMac also experiences a full crash when I power down my UR44. It appears that the reason both BlueTooth & WiFi are disabled in the top bar, is when the UR44 unmounts itself, ALL attached hard drives are swept up and disabled with insufficient time for a proper unmounting, including the system Macintosh HD. There was no pulling out of this, because the system drive was offline. I had no choice but to pull the iMac AC plug. Steinberg really owes us a little more information about this fatal hardware interaction between its popular USB Audio Interface and the new iMacs. What is actually going on here that a remote USB hub patches? Is it then something that a new Firmware update cannot fix?

They are keeping us in de dark by not providing any information or even addressing they know about the issue and working on a solution or whatsoever. Ridiculous that a company with such a big name like Steinberg is communicating to their customers like this…They make great products, but this is not how to do things. More than two months ago I was experiencing this problem for the first time and as of today no news from Steinberg whatsoever. Even answering an e-mail, I sent on October 15, they can’t do within 10 business days. I reckon I should something have to do with the communication between the UR44 and MacOS on the newest 2017 iMac. So I’m thinking about firmware as well…but why taking sooooooooooooo long?!

This totally ruined my last show and looks like Im going to have to buy another interface before my next show. Can’t have audio dropouts at gigs. absolutely not acceptable.

Not acceptable indeed! Maybe you should look into the new Roland Rubix interfaces. Haven’t read a lot reviews about these, but they look very good to me regarding the specs, build etc.

I’m not sure anymore if Steinberg knows about the problem and is working on a solution. Because after a reply on my sent e-mail weeks ago, they told me to run all the latest software and firmware updates, plug the UR44 in another usb-port and/or replace the usb-cable… The thing is, if they read this forum, they should know that running the latest updates doesn’t do the trick.

In this reply from Steinberg they’re NOT even talking about the problem. I told them very clearly what my problem is and asked them specifically “if they’re are aware of this problem?” and “if they’re working on a solution?”. Both questioned still remain unanswered…

Any fix yet? I have same problem with sound dropping every 30sec or so and crashing

Any fix yet? I have same problem with sound dropping every 30sec or so and crashing