UR 44 Problems (hardware & software both)

  • Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) - High Sierra 10.13.6
  • Logic Pro X 10.4.6
  • Ableton 10.1
  • External Monitor connected via thunderbolt

! All VST, other softwares, and ‘UR44 & Yamaha USB driver’ are the latest
version & authorised (I don’t use any crack stuff) !

I bought ‘Steinberg UR 44 Audio Interface’ 3 days ago.

After I connected it to my Macbook Pro, speakers dropped out few times and
sounded noise.
Moreover, UR 44 made my laptop frozen and external monitor turned off,
One more thing, all power supplies shut down after I had connected MIDI in
& out.

And I can’t turn off ‘REV-X’ in Master channel on ‘dspMix_FX_UR44’. I
clicked ‘send lit colour’ many times to turn off but never changed. I don’t
literally want fx on master channel to compose, mix, master with pure
Then how could I work my pieces if REV-X is always turned on?

Afterwards, I re-installed High Sierra again, and UR 44 & Yamaha USB driver
about 5 times.
However, nothing fixed. I wasted 2 days, it was awful and stressful, that
might gives my equipments & laptop trouble or malfunction.

Please answer and sort out about these problems, otherwise, I’ll have to
get refund by next week.
UR44 already affected in my laptop, external monitor.

I’ve seen the same problems with mine in this forum but I don’t think
Steinberg’s attempted to fix or respond either.

Two links are the same with my problem.