Steiny, could you please drop UPS... The end.

Ok, as I already posted a complaint on Steinberg online shop monday early morning and got no answer, I’m going to expose the problem here, hoping to be more successful. Too bad if it’s not the right place…

I finally bought C6 upgrade on the Steinberg online shop last 3rd april (order number : 205573531). Things were made quickly : the parcel was sent the day after and arrived in France the 5th. But unfortunalely, there is UPS involved… Here is the UPS ‘tracking detail’ of my parcel :

Feyzin, France 20/04/2011 10:30 in Transit
Feyzin, France 06/04/2011 9:46 Destination Scan
06/04/2011 9:45 Arrival Scan
Feyzin, France 06/04/2011 7:10 Departure Scan
06/04/2011 1:51 Arrival Scan
Chilly Mazarin, France 05/04/2011 18:37 Departure Scan
05/04/2011 11:53 Arrival Scan
Herne-Boernig, Germany 05/04/2011 1:02 Departure Scan
Herne-Boernig, Germany 04/04/2011 20:02 Origin Scan
Germany 04/04/2011 12:15 Order Processed: Ready for UPS

So, 3 weeks have passed since its arrival at Feyzin (220 kms from my home) and I havan’t got a single notification, no matter by which way (phone, mail, or whatever…). Now, my C6 upgrade is ‘In transit’ : don’t know exactly where, somewhere in a parallel world, I guess… :unamused:

Steiny, please do me two favors :

  1. ask UPS to deliver the parcel to the post office. Peoples working in there, unlike UPS, know how to deliver efficiently a parcel…
  2. Definitely find another delivery provider : it’s the 3rd time that UPS is involved in a delivery of an order from me, and it’s the 3rd time that I have a problem; The last one was such a mess that I waited more than 2 months and a half for it and, in the end, it was the old french postal service who solved the whole thing. Don’t want to live that again…

Thanks for any answer from you and sorry for the inconvenience for others but, after all, Cubase 6 is involved in it…

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Still nothing, neither from Steiny nor from UPS and the parcel is still somewhere ‘In transit’…

I tried to join UPS via e-mail, but their site refuses it, because the ‘InfoNotice’ number doesn’t match the parcel one. As I didn’t get any notification, I’m completely stuck.

Steiny, care to do something for one of your customer ? Thanks…

Nothing to do with steiny - online shop (distribution/delivery) is isn’t it…? They are a complete, separate entity. You should direct your enquiry there.

apologies if i’ve got that wrong.

(sorry to read this is all being such a pain for you…)

Thanks for your answer.

Just checked that and, indeed, could be the ones who ship Steiny goods. But anyway, I should have got at least an acknowledgement from them from my first complaint message, posted on the online shop nearly one week ago. And I don’t think that Steinberg can get rid of the issue : if is responsible for delivery problems of their products, thet should take this into account. But I admit that the UPS choice for delivery is probably responsability.

Furthermore, I finally succeeded sending a message to UPS, using a different mail option in which only the parcel number was required. Now, and again, I’m waiting for an answer…

I would suggest that rather than making an inquiry to UPS or Asknet about when you will see delivery you should cancel your order with Asknet and get a refund. They might not know where the package is, but they know where the money is. Then you can reorder, and get another chance to possibly get your package! :wink:

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The UPS/Asknet parcel delivery saga keeps going on…

Well, I would have followed your advice, Steve, but it seems that I can’t cancel the order (14 days allowed to do so, starting from the day of the order, if I read well the cryptic Asknet GTC).

So, I sent a message to UPS and got a reply on 2nd may (last monday) in which it was said that they could do nothing without an investigation request made by the sender. So I mailed to (Steinberg Online Shop) another message asking them to do so.

I got an answer apologizing for the trouble and assuring that they will ask UPS for the investigation and notify me about any progress. This was last wednesday morning. Since, nothing, neither from, nor from UPS…

What am I supposed to do now, Steiny ? :unamused:

EDIT : and believe it or not, but my parcel is still somewhere ‘In transit’… :open_mouth:

I would just forget about the asknet rules and insist on a refund. If they refused I would contact my credit card company and file a dispute for the amount I paid. The fact is you don’t have the item, and you have no standing with the delivery company to report it missing.

Another good reason for having a download option.

This makes me angry just reading it! :imp:

Some news !

The changes in the UPS tracking detail of my parcel since my last post :

Feyzin, France 25/05/2011 14:46 in Transit
Feyzin, France 20/05/2011 5:54 Tracer request / Claim issued
Feyzin, France 11/05/2011 8:04 Tracer request / Lost package tracer

Here we go again… Back to the ‘In transit’ state. 2 days already without any notification about a possible delivery, and I know that UPS has my phone number, I gave it to Asknet few weeks ago already at their request.

Since the 3rd april, I only waited 54 days, after all… :unamused:

Useless Parcel Service

Thats a strange case my friend. you would think Steinberg/Asknet would use a better and more reliable method of shipping for such an expensive item. Hopefully your delivery issue gets sorted soon!


Thanks. Just received a message from Asknet yesterday, saying that UPS hasn’t ended its investigation and apologizing for the inconvenience again, having no more news. This, with the present ‘In transit’ state of my parcel in UPS tracking information : if someone could explain what’s going on, I’d be glad, to some extent…

Major bummer.

They have obviously lost it!!! and should send you out another one asap and if or when you get the original you could just send it back via UPS and then they could wait an eternity to get it back…

Steiny, could you please drop UPS for safe deliveries ?

Oh, yes! With no exceptions they’ve goofed every delivery to me. No lost boxes and no big screw ups, just totally unprofessional, so screw UPS! :imp:


Hi all, and thanks for chiming in, Howling and Split, so far away from the english C6 forum… :unamused:

Today, TWO MONTHS have passed since my order. So, to celebrate this, I sent a new mail yesterday evening at Here it is (an approximative translation ; I wrote it in french as they answered each time in this language) :


Your last message dated of 31th may informs me that UPS still hasn’t finished its inquiry. But here are the last results of UPS tracking details at this day :

Feyzin, France 25/05/2011 14:46 in Transit
Feyzin, France 20/05/2011 5:54 Tracer request / Claim issued
Feyzin, France 11/05/2011 8:04 Tracer request / Lost package tracer
Feyzin, France 06/04/2011 9:46 Destination Scan

It seems that the parcel has been found and gone again (‘In transit’) 8 days ago already ! And I’m still left without news… I feel that actually, this parcel has been lost or worse, hijacked, and no one wants to acknowledge it.

Being tired of endlessly waiting, I thus ask you to :

  • Either send me a new parcel BY USUAL MAIL (certainly not by UPS…)
  • Or cancel and refund the price of my order, the amount of 149.75 euros has been taken from my bank account one month ago (2nd may) already !

    Waiting for an answer or a quick action from you._

    Got an answer this afternoon, saying they are going to submit my proposition at their ‘logistic department’ and will keep me informed. I’ll do the same here, hoping that I won’t have to celebrate the first quarter of wait, though…

Dont we all think this deserves looking at by Steinberg/Yamaha? least with their Account Manager for! …would any of us would find this funny? , and it doesn’t seem an isolated incident. :blush:

Hi all,

I hope it is the end of the story : I carefully read again Asknet GTC to discover that, actually, I could cancel my order before the receipt of the goods. So, as I still had no news about my parcel, I sent a mail to Asknet yesterday evening to do so.

I received a clear answer confirming that they cancelled my order and stating that I’ll get the repayment in the next 7 working days. A good point for them. Actually, I think that it comes as a relief for everyone.

But 67 days for that… Still wondering where the parcel has gone, though, and hope that Asknet will do the necessary to put UPS to face up to their responsabilities.

Now, the problem is : how to get C6 upgrade safely ? I’m becoming paranoid about goods delivery, especially when transporters such as UPS are involved…


That is a real horror story, I thought Parcelforce were bad but yours takes the biscuit :imp:
I’ve started specifying DPD be used as my preferred courier. They give you tracking info from the start and specify both date and time they will deliver. And they DO deliver within that time frame. I was amazed. I hope they open up other depots in Europe cos these guys mean business :sunglasses:

Hi all,

I’ve been repaid at the end of last week. So, problem solved, I guess, and thanks to Asknet for this.

About UPS, there are no more news : today, my parcel is still ‘in transit’… :laughing: Still at the same point 2 months and a half after being in charge of it… :unamused:

About Steiny, well… No answer from anyone and a topic “moved” where nearly nobody can see it. I could have understand the move ro the english lounge, not the german one. So, instead of reordering C6 upgrade somewhere else, I am looking to Reaper, presently : will see if I can get things done with it first.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and supported me during this tiresome attempt to get C6 upgrade.

As a final word…

I finally purchased the C6 upgrade ; Reaper, even in its 3.76 stage, still isn’t up to the task. Three important things for me, among others :

  • there are still issues when using multi-outputs VSTis, despite doing exactly what the manual suggest,
  • more generally, I can’t get used to the generic presentation of tracks layout (MIDI, audio, “same fight” as we say here, and the mixed I/O field is horrible…)
  • Uninspiring interface (I know, there are great skins available from the Reaper community, but still…)
    But there are great things in it ; among others : easy installation, no protection crap, great routing implementation… I think it deserves support for all what it offers in such a cheap package, so I’ll probably purchase a licence anyway.

So, and this is the main point : I ordered C6 at Thomann and received the parcel (there were other items in it) exactly 6 days after via DHL/Postal service. Think that Asknet/Steinberg should take note of this…


EDIT ; just saw that this thread has been moved again in the english music lounge, this time, which is more logical, IMO. Thanks to the mod who did this… :slight_smile: