Stem adjustment


I have this:

But I want this:

I can adjust the stem on the first note, but not on the second. Does anyone know how to do this? (Still using 3.5 btw)

I’m afraid I don’t understand what it is exactly you’re trying to do… I suppose you should cut the tie between the first and the second note, change the notehead color to opacity 0 (or alpha channel if you’re on PC), and move the transparent notehead’s pitch down (alt+down arrow), until you’re happy with the result…


Is this what you want? I just positioned the note lower, hid the ledger lines, then selected the Blank Noteheads set. (If that’s not default and I created it, you can create a set of blank noteheads)

EDIT: Marc beat me to it. His alpha 0 trick works too.


Awesome! Thank you so much, Marc and Fred! :smiley:

(Just be aware that if you use the Alpha/Opacity property for items in the music, you will need to print or export the layout(s) as Color, not Mono; if you print/export as Mono, they’ll reappear.)

An alternative method of creating a noteheadless notehead set has been discussed on the forum, e.g. –

PSA: This bit me recently, actually. Most commercial printers (at least offset presses) seem to require true black, not “colored” black. I had hidden some notes… the resulting PDF was “color,” so I converted to B/W. And promptly displayed all those hidden items by accident. Oops.


Sorry to hear that Dan. We all get caught out at times – like me, writing up a programme note directly into the page template at a late hour, then jumping to do something else without clicking Apply, and losing several paragraphs’ of changes. Like the classic of accidentally refreshing the page without saving your draft forum post, which I have also “never done”…

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