Stenberg when can we expect Cubase 12?

Stenberg when can we expect Cubase 12? At least tell me in what quarter (((


I accidentally saw an interesting picture in the review of Dorico 4. As I understand it, Cubase 12 Pro has already been released, and it is most likely being tested, or a video review is being made on it, but they don’t tell us anything, it’s strange (((.

As I understand it, Steinberg has all these programs and plug-ins already made under a new license)))

No Cubase 12 has not been released yet. And yes it’s still in the testing phase.
Those pictures are made by Steinberg engineers.
A little patience. You will be informed by Steinberg representatives about its release in due course.


oooh good spot. Halion 7 is exciting too.

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Little Patience would be December 2021 Instead of November 2021. A lot of patience would be Feb 2022. Keep in mind, that if rumors are correct with the features added to Cubase 12 - I’ve been waiting for multitrack free warp for Multiple generations. We had a lot of patience. Don’t build suspense, and then let the excitement die because the release takes to long…

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So I assumed that the starting point of your patience would be the release date of Dorico 4 :smile:


Cubase 12 and Halion 7 going dongle-free. That’s amazing.

The real question is will we finally get non-linear in Cubase? Logic has had it for 2 years now, Ableton and Bitwig have proven it is a well sought after feature. If all you do is mix, and you don’t want it, fine, but for the rest of us, we are invested heavily in Steinberg. Do we finally get non-linear mode in Cubase?

Please no…


What’s your issue with a creative tool? I had no idea anyone could be passionate about the lack of a feature. It reminds me of when all the surfers use to be so against epoxy boards. They had so many silly reasons, but in the end, they watched as everyone else repaired their boards at the beach and were back on the water in minutes. Or better yet, the ProTools users who were against MIDI. We all know how that worked out.

Many of us have invested heavily in the Steinberg ecosystem and we crave this feature, many more leave for another tools that have this feature. In the forums and live streams it is top of the list. What is is your problem with it?

Tell me, are you a creative contributor, a song writer, a musician, or are you a mix engineer? Because the DAW needs to be good at all of those things, and provide the tools and experiences that everyone needs.

The reality is, that song writing is a non-linear task that, without a tool that can also be non-linear, forces you out of the creative mode, and into an engineering mode of thinking. Without a non-linear platform the song writer is forced to stop being creative, and PLAYING music and start thinking like a computer programmer or plumber. With out the tool, you are still thinking non-linear. It’s like wanting your word processor to not have spellcheck because you are a real book writer who can look the word up in a paper dictionary like they did in the old days with typewriters. Maybe we should take Cubase back to the good old days… on the Atari… and only used by those pesky techno new wavers, that mostly sequenced loops.

E-mu, Mirage, (that was pro tools) … non-linear samples.

We could do non-linear on tape machines, just splice and loop. This whole linear track thing is really what is new, when is the last time you saw an mix that was actually linear? it’s copy and paste on a linear track, but it isn’t really linear is it?

If you want to groove, to jam, to PLAY music, form the soul as a continuous non pre-planned-out steam, rather than engineer music in a lengthy non-continuous drudgery, then you need a tool that will give you that experience. And those of us who have been dedicated to Steinberg all of these years and have paid them thousands for the right, deserve to have that experience too.

Why Rudi007 do you want to keep that from us? Why is that a bad thing?


Even better if HALion 7 was a free update for Absolute 5 owners! :slight_smile:


I think that was a marketing decision and not to expect HALion 7 for a while. I have really been getting into Lua on HALion and am looking forward to 7 as well. I so do hope 7 has MIDI out like Kontakt does. Scripting in Kontakt makes you wonder how it even ever works to begin with. HALion is a pleasure!

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Oqion Sorry, but I don’t understand what you are talking about. What is non-linearity like in Logic? Can you elaborate or make a video please to understand what you are talking about.

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They mean clip launching, that Ableton is famous for - whereby you don’t compose from left to right timeline as a linear DAW does. You are working with blocks of loops and creating ideas from that.

Once you have the basis of a song via the clips, you can then print/record the performance into the traditional ‘linear’ format and work on the mixing and adding non looped elements on top.

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Agreed since Absolute 5 didn’t have any updates for major instruments. I wonder if they had planned H7 in Abs5 but decided to wait for the new licensing system.

Also it only came out in August, if we’re seeing screenshots of HALion 7 being mentioned today, you’d really expect at least 1-2 years of being ‘current’ with the Absolute collection.

It’s barely been 6 months yet, I’ll be quite annoyed if it wasn’t part of the bundle - presuming H7 is sooner rather than later, of course.

Oqion what is this feature called in Ableton? I want to see Demo, and understand how it works.

Ableton: Session View
Bitwig: Clip Launcher
Logic: Live Loops

Rumor is S1 is getting the same sort of feature at the end of the year or next.

Oqion is an interesting topic, but it’s not for me, I think it will not be interesting for many other people who work in Cubase and Pro Tools! Maybe it’s good for club and hip hop music, but I write an arrangement from scratch in Cubase myself, and I would not use this mode. There are many other important features that people have been waiting for in Cubase for years! And if you’re interested, why not make a sketch of Ableton, and then throw it into Cubase for mixing. Or do you want to turn Cubase into Ableton, and play live venues like Ableton DJs do?. I think if it’s good in Ableton, then you should work there. As I understand it, many programs have their own tasks, and I also sometimes use Cubase to write arrangements, and if I need to mix a project, a live band, then I do it in Pro Tools, and everything is fine)))