Stereo interleaved vs 2 audio channels when exporting to PT

Hi there,

Have a curious and subtle issue. I frequently want to export stereo stems out of Cubase to bring into a ProTools session, but for some reason, when I export stereo files out of CB8 and import them into PT they come up as “2A Channels” instead of “Stereo”. Still a stereo file (it’s not creating .L and .R mono files, it’s just one file)…but not being seen as interleaved, such that if you drag them into the window such that PT creates a new track, it creates 2 mono tracks.

Does anybody know whether this is an issue/option in CB or whether it’s purely a Pro Tools problem?



A helpful PM on Avid forum fixed! The fix is to select L/R channels in the audio export window, so it knows it is exporting stereo interleaved and not multi-channel interleaved specifically. Then PT sees it as a true interleaved file.