stereo out track (input/output channels)

hi there=)

I have noticed that when opening a saved track in c10 that the “stereo out track” in the “input/output channels” always pops up in the arranger…
(even if one deletes it and saves the track- it pops back up next time one opens the project)

anyone else notice this or is this a isolated event?



You can hide it in the Visibility. The Inputs/Outputs Channels must be there.

Hi and thx for your response.

Something is amiss here, i am sorry.

It is a “new behaviour”

I can delete the track in the arranger, save project, reopen, and it is there again.

In the past, this channel was only visible when one toggles the read/write on the master output. This has worked fine in the past.

  • If I delete the track from the arranger, I expect it to stay deleted (even though it is active in the background obviously)

-I do not like the fact that I have to “clean up” everytime I open a old or new project… just sayin…

-It is not the end of the world, but simply that more clicks were introduced for the same functionality…

Somehow things seem to take more and more time and more and more clicks to do the same things than in previous versions…
I like keeping things ergonomic and efficient personally… :wink:

I wonder what the reason/logic is behind that move…


I have noticed this too…

It is undesirable behaviour.

If I delete the Input/Output Channel (visibility in arranger) I do not want to see it reappear everytime one opens the/any project …

Everytime I open a project or new project now, I always have to delete said channel. - Again- extra work that was imposed on us in c10 that was fine before.

Thank you for considering fixing this so it works as well as it used to.


Ah yes… great minds;)

Thx swamptooth=)

-> makes me wish that I didnt skip 9.5 (because dop dopiness) to bring this up earlier…

Can we please “fix this” somehow or have an option in settings to revert this behavior to how it was - and- what has worked fine for decades? :wink:

I cannot see myself adding “the deletion of this track” over and over to my musical ritual everytime i start or continue something in cubase…

So hide it, as Martin said in the second post.

I prefer correct operation, thanks=)

But have you tried the advice given?

Yes, and I am thankful for any advice…

I am hoping that, likewise,you too will take my “I prefer correct operation” advice to heart :wink:

thanks again y’all =)