Stereo track to 2 Mono groups, routing bug

Dear developpers,

currently (Nuendo V7.1) it seems to be impossible to route one stereo track/group to 2 mono groups/outputs.
When using two send paths to adress the mono groups, the right channel audio is LOST.
Even when panning/balancing the send signal to the right.

This issue has already been addresses in the Cubase forum:
It seems to be only MacOS related?!

Please solve this bug. We need this function for our daily work!
Thank you,

I can confirm it does work on Win 7, N7.1.

Over here on OS X, the unwanted situation exists when using direct routing, but everything works as expected if I use the stereo channel sends to the respective mono groups. I’m guessing it’s because with direct routing the stereo track sums to mono as it gets sent to the mono groups. I’m not losing a channel per the complaints in the Cubase forum; definitely summed. Mattias, do your results differ from mine?

edit Having re-read the OP (but still in a pre-coffee state), I see that the issue involved “sends”, in light of which I’m compelled to repeat that there doesn’t seem to be a problem here.


Hi Chewy,

thank you for instant reply.
I started checking again on several computers here and I found out, that this stereo to mono problem is related to the OS version! Opening the identical session in identical Nuendo 7.1.0 (Build 188) software on different OS versions leads to different routing effects!
As you said, Chewy, there are no problems on Mac OS X El Capitain (10.11.6).
But on Mac Yosemite (10.10.5) the same session looses the right channel!!

Session setup is as follows:
Stereo track to two mono groups using the “send effects” routing with panorama set to left (group1) and right(group 2). No direct routing employed. -> right channel is lost on Yosemite.
BTW: On both Yosemite and El Capitan the panorama of the first mono send doesn´t have an effect: Wether it is switched to L or R, it always send the left channel audio content.Why?
The second mono send reacts to the Panorama settings, but only on El Capitan…

Just checked th behaviour under MacOS 10.12.3 (Sierra) and Nuendo 7.1.2:

This bug is happening again Steinberg, please remove this simple, but annoying bug!

(Don´t know why it seemed to work in the previous OS)