Stereo UAD plug-ins in a Dolby Atmos mix

  1. I’m working in a Dolby Atmos production with Nuendo 12 on PC.
  2. My physical system is 7.1.4
  3. I have several UAD devices and many useful plugins, but stereo (and VST 2, since UAD is very late)
  4. I also have surround plugins that I use, but :
  5. I’d like to use my stereo UAD plugins in an Atmos context because of the DSP of the UAD devices, in order to relieve my processors.

How can I do this? UAD gives an example with LUNA (so Mac) and incredible detours that eat up a lot of objects unnecessarily. Using Nuendo’s routing editor, I try to place several instances of a plugin (let’s say the Oxford EQ) with different outputs, and there’s silence (as soon as there are two instances). I figure I could go through sends to stereo bus before coming back to a 7.1.2 (bed) or 7.1.4 (object) group, but, for a big project, that’s a lot of spaghetti.

Anyone have this experience?

N.B. I’ve just found this thread which touches closely on my question (but doesn’t answer it).
Multi-mono plugins on multichannel audio tracks - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

Following as well. The signal passes through but I’m assuming it only affects L/R as the whole signal isn’t affected.

I have answered this elsewhere:

So far, I think I understand. I’ve been a bit misled by the manual and some threads. Basically, if a stereo signal is routed to a Surround Bus WITH its effect, it will be positioned by the VST Panner according to our choice, WITH its effect. So using a stereo plugin works just as well as the stereo track itself routed to a surround bus (which can be a D. Atmos object or go to a bed). I’ve made it too complicated for myself.