Multi-mono plugins on multichannel audio tracks

As many of you who work in multichannel formats probably know, both Cubase and Nuendo do not offer the possibility to use multi-mono plugin configurations. The only workaround you could do is loading in a TON of the same plugin into the mixing track, and mapping it to the according output. But when a value needs to be changed or automated, I’m in for a long process.

I see this has been requested for over a really long time now (saw a post from 2014) and yet the issue still isn’t addressed. Especially now Dolby Atmos is coming in the game really strong!

What is the reason this is not implemented yet? Is it due to patents, or due to the lack of motivation at Steinberg, because honestly, how perfect Cubase and Nuendo are, this is bothering me since a really long time. I’d sit on my knees to ask the devs to implement this.

Make that 2001. … sigh …

Thing is that VST3 is actually supposed to take care for that issue, but its implementation depends on the plug-in’s manufacturer, so we see very few of them working properly in that respect.


Exactly! But still, is it really that hard to implement for Steinberg? ProTools has it, Logic Pro has it and I suppose many others as well. Honestly one cannot expect from every VST manufacturer they create their plugins in ANY surround sound configuration out there. And there are a lot of them lately haha!

Add: even Steinberg isn’t doing it properly imo. Frequency goes up to 7.1.2 while the StudioEQ goes up 7.1.4 and the Multiband supports every format… like it’s really hard to understand their decisions.

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