Steve Fogal's own forum request please

my apologises for this post ,one had too many beers last night (as it was ones birthday ) and steve I have sent you a personal message of apology

wtf ?? :open_mouth:

Help us!

Help us!

For we are helpless!

Me too, kinda interested in what the original OP was :slight_smile:

One should be ashamed for being such a sapless vaginal non-secretion as to remove ones post.

Some of us enjoyed it, but more important: you should own your indiscretions.

That is all.

I apologize in advance for those sadly lacking in humorous intellecticus, who find my post either distasteful or irrelevant. I, too, find you distasteful and irrelevant :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, in the end, we’re all pretty much irrelevant, aren’t we?

At least he had the decency to admit being wrong and apologize…I forget ur username dude this is not directed at you :wink:

Been keeping myself to myself on here recently this forum has some very great minds and users willing to help…but it alao has (recently) smart arse supposed know it all’s chipping in on threds with stupid comments that dont help anyone.

Imo Steinberg should be warning these users and the second time they act like nobody knows better than them and offer stupid non helpful comments they should be removed from the forum.

This and the IK multimedia forum are the only ones I have been part of.but I do read lots of other forums in my quest for knowledge and info. But when I’m reading it hacks me off when the thread turns into a battle between people trying to demoralize eachother and I go elsewhere.

I’m not on about when someone bluntly points out someones mistake/wrong info just the jerks who probably no sorry dont have all the answers.

Let’s try n keep the Steinberg forums informative helpful and a cool place to visit

Its not big and its not…oh forget it



oh it was bad, real bad

Well, it certainly wasn’t worse than this attack…
Which didn’t seem to bother Steve much at all.

I was going to comment before I saw this link. This post references a poster who has probably set an online record for being kicked out and reregistering in a forum over and over and over. He was kicked out shortly after this bs but somehow he’s back now. It’s unbelievable to me but apparently Steiny doesn’t care to block this jerks access so the rest of us should take the hint. This poster is psycho and has a thread going right now. Pay attention as he slowly spirals downhill for the umpteenth time into a name calling hate Maschine.

Kock’s an a55. :wink: :mrgreen:

Steve you still need your own forum on how to setup a harry the aardvark retro studio :wink:

5 :laughing: s!!!

The user in question has an unswerving devotion to true hidden partitions… plays the guitar really, really fast (or swift?), and thinks he knows…well, pretty much all…even though he had his ‘mittens’ mashed (crushed in some kind of garbage recycling or compacting device…the facts are a bit unclear on this one). :laughing:

Now, personally, I’m not going to pass judgement, but having mashed ones’ mittens in a garbage recycling mishap, I’d be somewhat wary, personally, of being a complete jackwagon. Of course, being an old(er) person now, I might have erred somewhat in the particulars, but I think I’ve drawn an inference that’s close enough to reality that it bears some examination.

In the end, the survival of the species depends upon variety and the elimination of variety and people who are different weakens us all. You might also do well to contemplate that, as well.

No, it was not. It was honest.

ThePlague writes
“In the end, the survival of the species depends upon variety and the elimination of variety and people who are different weakens us all. You might also do well to contemplate that, as well.”

I don’t think I need to contemplate anything Plague. This has nothing to do with variety (a good thing), just a sad and mean spirited poster that Steiny either is unable to permanently ban or won’t /cant make the effort.

Frankly I can’t tell if you’re the former mashedmitten/nate wade/ and most recently Immortal (there’s probably 5 more) or just a fan. If its the latter,Id suggest your admiration is misplaced. If its the former well here we go again on another vitrol spilling trip until banning time.

Frankly I thought the newest incarnation was !@#

Main point is ,I wonder why Steiny just can’t permanently ban an isp address forever period. There can be no doubt that the poster mashedmitten has made no useful contribution and most recently, as immortal, was just a constant useless irritant and attack machine; especially praying on new users in the main forum with pointless “answers” to each and every serious question.

Nate’s birthday is not until this Sunday (tomorrow). Nor is he known to be an excessive drinker. And he would tell you himself, if anyone bothered to ask him, that he’s usually not forthcoming with apologies either. :wink:

I didn’t see the offending post. I don’t know what all the hoopla is about. But I do know there are folks participating on this board that do not disclose their true identities, and have been banned multiple times and come back. So maybe Nate is not the guilty party in this case?

First and foremost ,I could be wrong on my theories as only Steiny could prove who is or was who by looking up ISP’s that were used to sign up. Youre exactly right ,there are lots of folks who have done this over the years from different forum incarnations. I’m pretty sure from the old board that mashedmitten was nate wade and I wasn’t the only one to theorize that the lastest name used was Immortal. You cant search the posts now but some of the comments were childish/mean to unbelievable. That ,to me, sets this person apart from some others who are banned/return/banned/return ,etc. Its a curious phenomenon ,if I were ever banned from a forum,I certainly wouldn’t go back. But for some to do it 5 times or more is just creepy.

Again, if Im wrong about the identities ,I’d like to know . Last fall I had a new music PC built and when transferring files I ran across this that I’d saved in 2008 labeled Nate Wade as mashedmitten. Recognize how to write “a55”? This person is a psycho who after all that keeps coming back.

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:26 pm Post subject: mashedmitten=Guest

I’ve reached a point where I feel Steinberg don’t give a rat’s a55 about the customer or their issues.

My everyday outlook is starting to be affected by the mood that prevails here on a day to day basis and that’s not acceptable.

I won’t lower myself by telling SB what I really think about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of their business plan, let it suffice to say it’s the WORST I’ve ever seen. I keep looking around for the Candid Camera guy Alan Fundt?? to appear as most of the responses to issues exactly match some of the skits CC used to PIS*S people off on the show.

My biggest issue is inner in that I can’t justify being a part of something I disagree with on such a broad basis. I mean you go right down the line, and every interaction between them and us is adversarial.

Well peeps, it’s been fun knowing you, but I must move on. It’s time to shake off this bad case of fleas and get on with the enjoyable things in life.

I’m going over to after a short hiatus, so anyone who wants my help can look there.

Mods, please delete my account.

Thank You.