Sticky keys on instruments in most projects

In almost every single project I now start there is a issue where keys on VST’s weather they Cubase inbuilt or 3rd party will ever so often just have keys stick and continue to play.
The only thing I can do is cmd-z/re-add vst or…sometimes I can run my fingers along every key on my (multiple) keyboards and if I’m lucky it might unstick…
Just wondering if this is a bug or “feature”?


You can use the MIDI > Reset function.

Make sure, there is no MIDI loop involved, please.

What kind of VSTi do you use, please?

Thanks for the response @Martin.Jirsak
I’ll have a look into that. In use it definitely doesn’t feel right.
The main VSTI’s are, Halion, Padshop, Scaler, Current, Sure, Ripcord, Muse, Reason rack. Haven’t figured out a way to replicate yet. Won’t stop me trying :slight_smile:

Ok. @Martin.Jirsak I’ve found a specific situation to replicate it.
Scaler into Surge
Sticky keys occur suddenly sound plays non stop

Delete scaler

Sound stops

Reload scaler from media bay

From here Surge will auto assign it as the input again as it sees it as the previously deleted one.

At this point there is a massive bug. You press a key and there is no sound and then a mass of previously pressed keys in different orders.

The bug now extends from scaler into surge. (previously surge is unaffected when scaler is deleted the first time)

Delete scaler and surge now has bug keys.

Delete surge as well.

That was how I was able to force the glitch.

Edit. I can also make it glitch by holding a key down & dragging the surge xt window whilst scaler is driving it once I let go of the key and stop dragging, the detection and sound will persist*


I don’t know these plug-ins. Could the issue be on the plug-ins side?

I wouldn’t think so.
As noted that’s how I was able to force replication. But it occurs with all Vst’s including Steinberg,
I did notice that it only happens when one Vst is driving another*


Which Steinberg plug-in do you use to drive another plug-in, please?

Sorry I mistyped. In the Steinberg case it’s when a midi track is driving any instrument*


Do you mean if you have an Instrument Track and then an additional MIDI Track routed to the Instrument Tracks? So simple?

Lots of users are working this way. It cannot be a generic issue, the forum would be full of it.

I’m sorry, but I can see lots of different issues with your system. Are you sure, your system is healthy, please?

For the sake of covering all bases I’ll do a clean backup and install and see if anything changes.
Ps are you on a Mac @Martin.Jirsak ?

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Yes, I am: macOS 13.

Really appreciate the time. If you have a quick sec could you see if your halion (full version) sliders jitter and don’t respond to mouse input. As well as the opt + drag slider default to -36 after any movement up or down >

I got someone on windows to try but for them everything worked ok. If you want a screen recording I can shoot one through as well.

At least on my end it’s 100% a bug. Would be great to get it reported if it’s something that’s flown under the radar*

So I did a total clean, I’ve come to the conclusion It’s Cubase. Same with the halion slider Glitch described in the reply I asked if you could check carries to every other DAW I have.
No sticky keys either in every other DAW.
Not Ableton, Bitwig, FL studio, Reason, Studio one…I gave up after testing that many.
Which would indicate that it’s the Cubase side.
Nor do the Vst’s that crash cubase have the same causality on the others.