Still doesn’t work

Hello, I bought this app when I had a IPHONE 6 plus phone and it worked beautifully. Now I have an IPhone 6s Plus phone whose IOS is up to date and it doesn’t work. I made sure all zooms were off and the characters were small. I even took my phone out of it’s case. Why is it still not working. I downloaded the app you said you can touch the top and I can’t. Please help. I also purchased the extra instruments so the Music Studio and Instruments were not cheap.I want this to work or get a refund if we can’t get it to work. Please help or update it so it will.
Thank you, Catherine Shaver

Hi Catsha!
Has your problem been solved?
On my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 13.4.1 it doesn’t work.

Hello Friends,

I want to make a littele Song, but doesn‘t work - since the last update of this app. I tried to update ios, but no difference. Gui is a bug. I suppose, the app dosn‘t choose the right display solution of my iphone 7plus.


The update to version 2.11 resolves this issue:

Sorry for the long wait!