Still no tempo change? Time signature change?

I love the workflow of Cubasis 3, but I can’t believe that there is still no support for either tempo or meter (time signature) changes, which for me prevents using it for serious music production.

I bought Cubasis 3 when it was first released, thinking that surely the redesign from v2 would enable these features. I’ve been waiting patiently… But we keep getting the same stock answer we’ve been getting for years now, with no indication whether it will be months or years before support for these features is added: “Tempo / Signature track support remains on our list, but the feature is unlikely to be added short- or mid-term”. So what does long term mean, especially since we’ve already waited several years?

This is such basic functionality for music recording, I can’t believe we’re still waiting for this - very disappointed. I love Cubasis 3 - it’s touch interface is very elegant - but I may be forced to abandon it. Other iOS DAW competitors have these features but the workflow is not as smooth or intuitive. Such a shame.

Hi @SEC,

Thank you for your message.

Please refer to the following topic, where the feature request is already discussed: Please add Tempo and Meter changes - Tempo Track

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I do not need signature change but I need tempo change a lot. I am cursing Cubasis every day for not having this feature.

MIDI learn added in 3.3 is amazing, it moves mixing on iPad to next level.

Hi @hsn10,

Thanks for your message.

We are aware about the request, which however comes at high cost development-wise.
Nevertheless we hope to be able to fulfil this at some point in the future.