Stolen elicenser, what do I do now?

Had a session this weekend, which resulted in my iloks as well as dongle getting stolen from my home studio. I’ve got far too many projects started to back out now.Contacted ilok, and with the zero downtime I was able to get back up and running, by just purchasing a new ilok. With Steinberg I’m fairly worried, what do I do?

We just recently purchased 6.5 with an upgrade to cubase 7 back in november with Halion 4 too…I’m stressed enough and with no answer from steinberg I’m thinking the worse.

Do I have to buy new everything?? Btw I’ve tried the steinberg tech support via email, with no response, ilok was within minutes, how long does Steinberg take to help


In the past people who lost or had the dongle stolen were knackered, and the advice was to claim on your insurance.

But now with better registration you have a good chance of getting back up and running, emailing or filling in a support request is your best bet.

Hi Split,
Thanks for the encouraging response.I sent two messages to tech support, no responses from them. My dealer is also supposed to be in contact with them. Any idea how fast support is with these issues?

It can be on the slow side but don’t give up.

Thank you for the reply.

If there was some kind of recourse with the dongle/license, I’d say it could only happen as a maintenance procedure or update install however protected software normally does not request anything to be done in relation to the protection system, e.g. it just crashes in a heap.

If I were running the SB empire, I would revert any stolen license to a 30 day trial and give the new “owner” a chance to buy. :open_mouth:

I remember reading in this forum of folks who had a positive outcome, e.g., had their licenses placed on a new dongle. They had everything registered. I imagine it might be a good idea to provide a police report.

Emotive, you are misinformed.

All at the discretion of SB of course…

Thanks SteveinChicago, I can’t tell you how this feels, but I appreciate the reply. I did re purchase a new dongle,and we are awaiting tech support.

I don’t know exactly, but I had the impression the trial versions tied to the dongle itself and not to the user account.

If that’s the case, you could use that new dongle (after registering that dongle on your account) to run the 30 day trial versions of the software you need (Cubase 7, Halion). This would give you at least a few weeks to get things sorted out.

Again - I don’t know if I am right, but I do not think it would hurt to try out…

Anyway - a real bad situation. I wish you good luck in solving this misery…

I don’t believe there is any trial for Cubase at this time (only Neundo as a time-limited trial version).

That’s what the knowledge base says:

Procedures for lost/defective USB-eLicensers

I have accidentally lost my USB key! Does it get replaced by Steinberg?

Again, the USB-eLicenser is the most vital part of your product!
Please make sure to have all keys registered in MySteinberg so that the key number is known. Without a MySteinberg account and a USB-eLicenser registration, no replacement is possible.
Now, in case the USB-eLicenser has been lost or stolen, please contact your local support for further information on how to proceed.
It might make sense to have an empty spare USB-eLicenser at hand as we only replace the licenses stored on the lost/stolen key (if all preconditions are met).

So if your DAW and VSTs have been registered in your “MySteinberg” account there should be no problem.

Thanks for the kind words, and this is exactly what I plan on doing for the meanwhile until it is sorted. Again thanks

I hope your problem is sorted now. This thread reinforces what has been said here: