Strange Spacing Between Repeated Barlines


I am having a strange issue with the spacing between repeated barlines when a time change is included. There is a gap between the left side of the barline and the time signature…
Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 14.35.18.png

If you mean where the 3/4 is, that is standard for Dorico and is by design. Others have commented that they find the appearance strange.
It happens with key signature changes and clefs too. See Daniel’s post here:

Hi Derek,

thanks for your reply. Yes I meant the 3/4 but the problem is not that it appears in between the :|: I think it really makes sense that the time signature is before the repeat barline but the problem is the unequal distance from the left barline. Actually I figures out that the bottom staff of the score (which is a piano part) is creating the problem. When I erase the contents of it the distances work fine like :|3/4|: but if the contents of the piano part get bigger than approximately half of the bar then there is a strange gap like :|___ 3/4|: I don’t know how to solve it

Okay, I see what you mean.
Odd about the effect of the piano part.