Stravinsky Rite of Spring

Happens here too.


Dorico (472.8 KB)

Thanks, we’ll look into this.

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I exported all the movements as separate flows, and it seems the problems are in part one, “Spring Rounds” and “The Dancing Out of the Earth”; and in part two, “Sacrificial Dance.” I’m attaching those flows here, they work in Dorico 4. Some of the string harmonics (artificial harmonics, 5th partial) sound two octaves higher than they should, way up in the stratosphere. When I try entering artificial harmonics in a new score, they seem to work fine.

Stravinsky-RiteOfSpring-I-Spring Rounds.dorico (1.7 MB)
Stravinsky-RiteOfSpring-I-The Dancing Out of the Earth.dorico (1.9 MB)

The flow for “Sacrificial Dance” is too big to attach here (4.8 MB), sorry - but you can download all the flows individually here:

We’re working on this – there’s nothing wrong with the project files themselves. We’ll no doubt have a fix for this in the first Dorico 5.x maintenance update when it arrives.

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Thanks! For what it’s worth, the bass harmonics at the beginning of Mystic Circle of the Young Girls are sounding a lot higher than they should, in both Dorico 4 and 5. I thought this might be a NotePerformer 4 issue, but I just tried making some bass harmonics in a new file and they all work.

by the way… in Ritual Action of the Ancestors, page 124, number 135, third bar, the second note of the triolet should have a sharp (i.e. C# instead of C) in Ob.I, Vln.II, Vc.
I have the B&H 1947 score, and there is a C#. The C natural not only sounds bad but is at odd with the other instances of the motive on page 125.

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