Stravinsky Rite of Spring

If folks are interested, here’s the complete score to the Sacre du Printemps, following the published Dover score as closely as possible. It’s set to playback on NotePerformer, and it takes full advantage of Dorico’s condensing and divisi capabilities.

Lots of little problems, but the biggest one may be Stravinsky’s way of labeling the staves - occasionally I was able to reproduce his labeling exactly, but most of the time it’s a little different. Rehearsal marks are only at the top staff, instead of on (mostly) two staves in the published score. I’m also using new notation for the horns, instead of old notation. And because at the moment you can’t condense the secondary instrument that a player holds, in some places the condensing for the Bb clarinets doesn’t match the score. But the rest of it is pretty close. I hope this is useful! I’ve had tons of fun with it, even soloing different groups of instruments to look at Stravinsky’s brilliant orchestration. The two files are 4 MB each.

Part I:

Part II:

That’s a gift—thanks Stephen!

Wow, thanks Stephen.


How kind, generous and wonderful!!! Thank you, Stephen.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for sharing!!!

This is marvellous. Thank you very much for making this available!


An interesting project, Stephen, and excellently done. How long did it take? I appreciate it that the page turns come in the same places! On page 100 the condensing of Tr. 1/2 looks odd (simply because I am so used to the original.) By Fig 104 all Horns, Trumpets and Trombones should be senza sord; but perhaps that is an error in the Dover score, which I dont have.

Re the stave labelling, I am waiting for Dorico to give us the needed flexibility to change instrument names to whatever one wants. As it is, I cannot use the program for orchestral pieces and, as I pointed out elsewhere, German names are even more of a problem.


Thank you very much. Well done!

Stephen, congratulation for this great achievement! And thank you very much for letting us look inside your forge!


Thanks all! David, I think the trumpets on p. 100 match the score, but I noticed I made a mistake with the flute condensing - that’s fixed, as well as the senza sord, and I updated the links above. Thanks for catching that!

I did this over the summer and finished last month, but I kept waiting to post it because I thought I’d get around to fixing those staff labels. Finally I gave up. It’s a fun pandemic project, and a great way to learn scores - a little like doing a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

Great work and thank you for sharing! This certainly can help understand some of Stravinsky’s orchestration methods. Invaluable.

Thanks very much, Stephen!

Thank you very much. Fantastic chance to get into Stravinskys writing. Great work.

Outstanding ! Thanks for sharing that work !

Hi Steven.

I am absolutely stunned at your generosity in sharing the work you did.

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Best wishes to you and your family and bye for now.


A huge thank you Stephen! Impressively done!

This shows how efficient the Dorico file format is; zipping only saves 2%!

Fantastic, thanks for making this available!

Very impressive and a professional score…!

This is truely impressive! Wow…