Stream Deck macro keypad

I’m glad to hear it’s a benefit to you! I’m getting a second one… :slight_smile:

I’m using your articulation icons which are great. Any chance you can add the staccatissimo one if you have a chance? Thanks in advance!

Sure, just added it to the articulations folder:

Thanks a lot Dan - much appreciated!

I’ve added several more functions, including editorial and trumpet fingerings.

Here’s a screenshot of all the functions, grouped into folders. I find that’s easier, because when I’m starting a new project, I can copy and paste to the top layer whatever macros are most useful. Sometimes it’s bowings, sometimes fingerings, etc. It not only copies the icon, but all the multi-functions that go with it.

I just got the bowed score back from my principal 1st. To add her bowings to the Dorico file, all I had to do was navigate to the PT folder, and I zipped right through the score.

Great job Dan.
You convinced me too, I shall receive mine later this week!
[Edit] Received! Now I try to make it work :wink:

Marc, when you’re up and running, would you be willing to share your setup? Thanks.

You guys are making me want to get one.


I took your setup to start me up, and noticed a couple of things that might be useful for everyone using this device :
• The shortcuts do not work out of the box. That might be related to the fact that Dan and I do not share the same OS, nor the same keyboard localization, nor the same keyboard shortcuts inside Dorico! I have not created any icon for Dorico myself, so I do not think sharing your setup corrected in mine would help anyone!
• I created a setup to work with Photoscore — it’s easier to travel with the Stream deck than with a large keyboard with Numpad. If anybody’s interested in my setup for this app, I’ll share it gladly — I had to create all icons and it takes time ! Be aware that you’ll probably have to correct all shortcuts in order to make them work in your setup.


Ah yes, I wondered about this. Windows users should be fine.

Also, I realized belatedly that my Stream Deck is set to a combination of “native” Stream Deck multi-actions (created within Stream Deck itself) and some AutoHotKey scripts (which certainly WON’T work on Mac!).

But if anyone’s considering it, rest assured it’s quite easy to set up in minutes. You will probably want to just use my icons (or not, whatever), but create your own profile. Creating the icons takes time (if you want them to look nice), but actually programming the Stream Deck is quick!!

I’m happy to share my profile here which was created on a Mac.

Dan’s profile gave me a great start, but Marc is correct in that there is an incompatibility issue between Mac and PC for those files. Not only the AHK scripts, but the hot keys had to be re-input in order to work.

Here’s a screen shot of what I now have - no pretty pictures, but very functional folders which contain most of what is relevant for me.
Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.26.42 PM.png

Dear David,
Thanks a lot. Indeed your shortcuts do work directly on my mac — except for the time signatures, I had to enter shift-M for each instance, but everything else seems to work.
I like the logic you put in that setup.
I have sent an email to Elgato, asking for Bravura text font to be included in the (numerous) fonts available in the icon maker tool. For now, I had to use Photoshop and it’s quite long a process…
I think we’re quite a number to think this device will increase the workflow in a quite impressive way !

Marc, did you try adding a Delay when programming the stream deck multi-action? This is usually necessary for the popover. You drag it in from the right column of actions. Typically 300 ms is adequate to allow the popover to work correctly.

Dear Dan,
Actually, I found that I could remove that delay… but I’m aware it could possibly go wrong without it. I’ll try in real conditions when my next Dorico work comes. I’m familiar with that delay thing, it’s sometimes compulsory when I program a macro in Keyboard maestro — I suppose it’s the same with AHK on PC.

Glad you like this setup Marc, and it was a great idea to write to Elgato about the Bravura font. I tried many times to get it to work so that I could use it on the buttons, but to no avail. Hopefully they will add it.

I look forward to seeing how you tweak things and configure them for your own workflow.

Does this mean you change the stream deck’s configuration on the fly? When you say “navigate to the PT folder” is this a folder you created with stream deck commands? I am unpacking my stream deck at this moment
I’ll save most of my questions until I have actually read the documentation and tried setting this up.

Thanks tons for sharing!

Yes! You can have folder, sub-folders, and sub-sub… you get the idea. I haven’t tried going deeper than three levels yet, but that’s all I need.

Ohhhhhhh… you are talking about navigating on the stream deck to submenus (folders) I thought you meant you would choose a different profile for stream deck based on the type of orchestration project you were tackling. Either way, I’ve just watched some tutorials and I have a better understanding of how it works.

I’m on a mac so can’t use AHK. I haven’t yet located a bonafide user manual so I’m very curious about using proper syntax for scripting the hotkeys. Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Is it possible to open submenus and make selections without something like AHK? For instance: Edit->Filter->Lyrics->Line 1


I’m not a Stream Deck user but I can’t see why you couldn’t use Keyboard Maestro in place of AHK - it’s what I use when on Mac…

I happen to own both Stream Deck and KM…
I’d say witj Stream Deck alone, as is, the easiest way (if not the only one) is to use keyboard shortcuts. You can chain those, but it’s not as powerful as Keyboard Maestro.