Stream Deck macro keypad

I just downloaded all of Dan’s images and scripts. It all makes sense now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This just improved my workflow 200%.
Love this.

We should all launch a crowdfunding site to raise money to purchase a nice dinner out for dankreider. :smiley:

Well, actually there are so many on this forum sharing their knowledge we should settle for a collective pat on the back. David Hicken’s scripts all work on my mac but I like Dan’s icons. I have some work to do integrating this. Fun stuff.

Haha, well I wouldn’t say no. :laughing: But I’m glad to hear it’s helpful!

Hi all SD Dorico user
does The Alt+Shift + arrow up combo work for you as a shortcut (for chromatic up)
here I always only get the diat up (Alt+Arrow up)
looks like SD doesnt send the “Shift” part of the combo
or Dorico doesnt see it
had to use a AutoHotKey workaround


Claude, it works for me.

I have found that Shift-Right doesn’t work in a stack (to select multiple notes as a multi-action. I contacted Stream Deck, and they were very responsive. They said they’d look at improving this in the future.

I’d recommend contacting their support via email. They’ve been great to work with.

Dear Dan,
I did contact them to ask them to add Bravura or Bravura text in the fonts available (to create icons) and they have been responsive… but they told me it would require some coding (?) and that it was not going to happen soon… :-/

Marc, if it’s just a matter of designing icons, I’d be happy to make up a few for you.

Dear Dan, I’ve made a bunch of them (for Photoscore Ultimate) in Photoshop, but it would be really faster to have access to that font in their online tool!

Hi Dan,

I’d be interested in speaking with you further about this if you want to message me.

Feel free to pm me.

Even without having a stream deck yet, I started programming the software, because that’s the thing I always looked for to get my workflow flying …
Without this post I would be as slow as ever :wink: :wink:
Thanks Dan

I asked for another one for Christmas, and got it. :nerd:

My family probably thinks I’m nuts.

But at least a very, very speedy nut that is … :laughing:

I have this image of Dan, buried in a pile of StreamDecks with a hand reaching up through the pile grasping for help.


Thanks to Dan for the Scoring Notes blog and the info about the Stream Deck, it just arrived from Amazon :slight_smile: I have a Mac, so thank you to Kt-va for the Dropbox link, it was a great start!

I am trying to set up Filters on the Stream Deck. I am looking for a way to select from Dorico Edit menus (i.e., Right Click) but it doesn’t seem to be Stream Deck hotkey option? So, is the way to go about to make a shortcut in Dorico for anything I want to add to the Stream Deck?


You don’t need to use right-click. Filters can actually be assigned directly to key commands via Preferences. For example, I have assigned key commands to Filter Select, Filter Deselect, and a number of filters I use often. I think All Dynamics is something like Ctrl-Shift-F5 for me (because that’s what I assigned it to). There are tons of key command options available using Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and function keys, and the nice thing about the stream deck is that you don’t have to remember them all… You can just assign those key combinations to the stream deck icon of your choice.

Regarding icons, this is how I did it for anyone interested:

  • create an illustrator template with lots of artboards in the correct size (I think I created one using one of the supplied graphics, then duplicated it).
  • in Dorico, find the element that I want to turn into an icon
  • print screen
  • in IrfanView (quick and dirty photo editor) quickly crop the element to size
  • paste into illustrator, then size and align onto a blank artboard
  • export all the buttons from illustrator in one hit

It’s tempting to create nice vector graphics, but the LCDs behind the buttons are pretty low DPI anyway, so a screen resolution is actually totally fine.

I’ve attached my illustrator file in case anyone’s interested.

I still haven’t had time to think through a comprehensive implementation of StreamDeck, but I did put it to pretty solid use while I transcribed a book of 50 or so leadsheet charts, and my general thoughts were:

  • create button sets which are context dependent, not necessarily category dependent. It might be nice to have all your articulations in one place, but perhaps for most note input tasks you overwhelmingly only use three or four. So a ‘note input’ set might include those three or four and leave plenty of room for other note inputty things like changing the grid resolution and switching triplets on and off. It might make total sense for the same button to appear in lots of different folders, if it gets used in lots of different contexts. It’s much much quicker than navigating through folders to find the button that you created in some other category. I have a “Score setup” folder which includes my most common time signatures and key signatures, and lets me add multiples of 8, 16, 32, 64 and -100 bars (the last one for deleting remaining, usually empty, bars at the end of a flow). But a couple of those I also have in my “Note input” folder, for when I find I’ve suddenly run out of bars at the end of a score, so I don’t have to change folders.

  • almost all my buttons are substitutes for popovers. If something can be accomplished using a one- or two-stroke key sequence, I’d rather learn the key sequence, not least because I work across two computers and the SD is only there for one of them. Popovers are great for accessing features which I seldom use, because they save me having to either remember a key sequence or dig through a menu, but for things I do repetitively, like add a repeat bar, there are just too many keystrokes. I think some popovers can be bypassed by programming a direct key sequence, but others can’t. SD words well for turning 10 keystrokes into 1.

  • It seems like it should be possible to get toggles working for things like rest input and tuplet input, but of course the SD can’t interrogate Dorico to find out the current state of that button, so if it gets out of sync for some reason, it will stay out of sync.

  • I’ve so far avoided using AHK, even though I’m pretty familiar with it and I could see how it could be tempting. As I get older, I’m finding that it’s best if my workflow relies on a minimum of awkwardly bodged-on software of my own creation.

  • I think perhaps with some head scratching, it might be possible to come up with a pretty fast and efficient means of note input using nothing but the Stream Deck (i.e. not even the computer keyboard). I could imagine it might be fun notating out in the park with a Surface Tablet and a StreamDeck and nothing else. Clearly, I haven’t thought this through.
    Dan’s (88.1 KB)

Thanks Dan.
This is a very nice addition to us Stream Deck users, I will study your workflow to see if it suits me. Your icons are very nice !

In case anyone is interested:

I’ve created a set for my own purposes which I’m happy to share:

I will update this regularly, so check once in a while.


Very nice, thank you!

Very elegant, Pieter! I’ll use some of them when I take the time to optimize my commands in StreamDeck !