Stuck at "scanning VST3 plug-ins"


Thanks for all your reports. I will discuss with the team to prompt more granular information at this stage of the start-up of cubase.


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went through this nightmare for the last 2 hours, turned out to be one plugin causing the issue, rhodes vpan in this situation , what i did was take all vst3’s from the folder and place in a new folder on desktop, then i put them back a few at a
time, as i have too many to one at a time, and a process of elimination brought it to the vpan, uninstalled and works fine now , shame coz that was a cool plugin, maybe rhodes will fix it soon

100%, this: it’s happening to me right now.

Steinberg needs to get it through their thick heads that they will be hemorrhaging lots of customers if they don’t get on top of their own silly VST3 plugin format being able to destabilize Cubase so badly. There is simply no excuse for this.

We can’t be expected to point the finger at Waves or NI or ANYONE else but Steinberg here: it’s their DAW, it’s their format, and it is their responsibility to ensure that old software cruft from perhaps dysfunctionally run plugin development houses (NI, Waves are great examples) cannot bring the entire DAW to its knees.

If there is a problem, Cubase needs to be savvy enough to detect and disable, as needed. For chrissakes, this is exactly what machine learning is for!

We’ve put up with software too dumb to manage itself long enough: it’s a new age, a new era, and we need the necessary intelligence built into the code to ensure that it can notice and do something about these such issues on its own so that we don’t have to spend all our valuable music making time shouting into the void in internet forums, because it will always, always be something new! Some new stupid failure scenario will always crop up because Steinberg is simply not focusing on the things it really needs to and they keep releasing software, anyway.

This program is a nightmare. I got a little done today before yet another Cubase 13 crash that was triggered by that intensive operation of switching over to Chrome and then back to Cubase. I know, I know… it’s a lot for a DAW to handle, go easy guys!

This is definitely a great idea. Our aim is to ensure a better decoupling between the DAW and plug-ins in the future. That besides this problem has to do with regular process management and not machine learning.

Please send me any IPS / DMP in PM in this regard so that we can investigate further and potentially find a work around for this issue.


Cubase 13.0.20 64bit 2024.1.11 (2.5 MB)

Thanks for taking my issues seriously; that is at least encouraging. But, I think machine learning could be invoked more to detect hardware/software commonalities between users and alert them that, e.g., Windows 10 doesn’t know what to do with gen 13 & 14 Intel Core i9 process scheduling for real time audio but Windows 11 somehow does.

But I think it could go much, much deeper than that in terms of the program itself detecting anomalies and pointing out likely or exact culprits. Inbuilt crash dump analysis and even taking action on its own, perhaps with user consent when appropriate.

This may take a while to get right and for it to be truly useful, but from what I’m seeing in my space, it’s far from impossible. We really are at the start of a technological revolution that’s going to change damn near everything. Most unsettling and yet most interesting thing perhaps in history, all at once.

I strongly think Steinberg should implement a time-out in their VST3 checking software if this is still happening (to be it was happening in Cubase 11 but not 12). Because it seems bizarre that if there is an issue with one plugin the whole software stops working.
In my case the problem seemed to be with a Rhodes plug-in (V-Pan).

For people coming over this feed the way I discovered it was to go in the Common Files/VST3 folder, take out everything and save it in a different folder and slowly introduce things, open Cubase, close it, introduce more VST3, repeat. To fasten things up I put things back alphabetically… That’s how I found the problem was with a plug-in that began with V, and then for those ones I did the operation one by one until I found that the issue was with V-Pan (lucky for me I only had 2 plugins starting with V).

The fact is that if there is an issue with a VST2, Cubase puts it in the blacklist and keeps going… why it doesn’t do the same for VST3 plug-ins is beyond me, but you would expect it to happen from a top producer like Steinberg… Error handling and time-out is coding 101 to not get software stuck.