Stuck notes after update

Love the update Steiny ty!

I have a fresh install of win 7 64bit and only C5 5.2 and Halion Sonic installed.
I have noticed after installing the update I am experiencing stuck notes using stand alone version. The first note played often gets stuck. Anyone else?


I installed it on XP and W7 32 bit, and in about an hour or two of testing so far I got the odd stuck notes on both OS’s.
(I think they happened in the plug-in as well)


This can’t be possible… the 2 years old and newer solved “hanging/stuck notes while using the sustain pedal” (or sometimes after a programm change espercially using the new woodbrass) bug seems to be back since I updated to version 1.5. Before that everything was great!

I can confirm the hanging/stuck notes bug on my two different computers (Intel Core i3 laptop and AMD Phenom X6 desktop PC, both running Windows 7 x64).

I really love Halion Sonic, but why is this 2 years old bug from HalionOne back again?

And - by the way … I can’t see any increasing performance. Just play the Halion Sonic demos in Cubase 5 and watch the ASIO meter… nothing has changed.


Same here. Tested in PluginMode under Win7x64 (running 32bit) with some gm-files.

Yep. Stuck notes confirmed too!! Come on steinberg. Comment on this issue now please it’s too long to not have a solution!

my name is Nico and I am one of the developers of the HALion Engine/HALion Sonic. I am currently trying to track down the hanging note issue that some of you are reporting.

After reading your posts and running a stress test for a few hours, I did indeed stumble upon one very rare issue were you could produce hanging notes with about ten distinct programs when you were playing very rapidly while switching programs at the same time. But this issue is clearly dependent on a few programs and would not happen with the GM Sounds. Judging from your posts, that was not the issue you seem to have.

There is also no chance, that this is an old bug that was carried over from HALion One as one of you was suggesting. The whole Midi Flow in the H4 engine has been completely written from scratch and as soon as we are able to reproduce your problems, it should not be too hard to get rid of them.

So please give me as much information as possible about your setup and the moment your note hangers occurd:
_- OS / HS Version / CPU?

  • What Midi Keyboard are you using (Brand, Type)?
  • What Midi Interface are you using (Brand, Type)?
  • Does it happen with the UI Keyboard as well?
  • Standalone or Plugin Mode??
  • Buffer Size?
  • Midi File Playback or Live playing?
  • Which programs were you using when you were experiencing note hangers?
  • Does it help to send “All Sound Off”?
  • Does the UI Keyboard get stuck as well after a note hanger occured?
  • Did you use the sustain or sustenuto pedal?
  • If you have a midi file (or project) that reliably produces note hangers and that you could send to me, please notice me via PM._

Thanks for your help and cheers, Nico

I decided to install the trial version of Halion Sonic that came with Cubase 6 and to buy the activation code yesterday. All without any proper testing or reading on beforehand. I cross my fingers that I will steer clear of the reported problem.

I’ll do my testing of Halion Sonic this evening and will report my findings.

Altough it’s still left to see if I’m having such a problem I want to thank Nico for jumping right at it. Great attitude!

This is an old problem which was NOT fixed from Halion One despite users repeatedly saying it was unusable in its unfixed state. That was unacceptable. Now, the problem of sticky notes on your main synthstation Halionsonic has been flagged up by users. You are very fortunate to be able to release a buggy piece of software and we test it properly for you.

However, although it’s great you are actively taking part in this thread, I think it’s a little cheeky to suggest users now go and provide all the extra information for you. We have done our job (really your job) so come on pal, let’s leave it with you to fix now? I can tell you one patch that has sticky notes is Warm Orchestral Strings.

Thank you

Hi Nico,

to answer your questions: the problem occcures independent from different AMD/Intel Systems which I use(d) in the meantime. Even the Masterkeyboard (USB) has changed (Yamaha MM 8 / KX 8 , M-Audio Prokeys 88)

The bug is/was always there. I use Halion Sonic only live so try playing live and switch between f. g. string sounds from HalionOne.

The unsolved bug is two years old, so here is the question: what did you change in Halion Sonic from version 1.0 to 1.5!? It must have to do with the merger between Halion Sonic und Halion One.

Version 1.0 worked perfect.


Hi Nico,
Thanks for your reply and interest in this matter. I just switched back to Win 7 32 bit and when I get back to my studio ( out of town at the moment) I’ll have a close look and provide a list of specs/info.

Hi Nico,

I tried to isolate the bug today:

  • The bug exists as plugin and standalone
  • aprears only playing live keyboard, no problems with MIDI playback
  • is often repoducible when you change a programm while holding down the sustain pedal (and the last sound ist still hearable)
  • in Cubase 6 list editor is no “abnormal” control data recorded.

And (new) it reapperas even if you do not change a program:

Load the multi “piano strings & tenor solo” and play chords with deep left hand ( f. e. C0) using the sustain pedal, just play a minute, now you should reproduce the bug.


Yesterday, during midi file playback I experienced haniging notes using the Norway Pad. I fixed it by introducing a note off message. No sustain pedal involved.

  • OS / HS Version / CPU? - OSX 10.6.6 / HS 1.5 /
  • What Midi Keyboard are you using (Brand, Type)? - Novation Remote SL25
  • What Midi Interface are you using (Brand, Type)? USB to Computer
  • Does it happen with the UI Keyboard as well? - Didn’t check?
  • Standalone or Plugin Mode?? - Plugin
  • Buffer Size? - 384 or 512, can’t say for sure
  • Midi File Playback or Live playing? - midi file playback
  • Which programs were you using when you were experiencing note hangers? Cubase 6, NI Reaktor 5
  • Does it help to send “All Sound Off”? Seems so
  • Does the UI Keyboard get stuck as well after a note hanger occured? Didn’t check
  • Did you use the sustain or sustenuto pedal? No

Same problem here…

And dear me…I updated to 1.5 immediately after purchase and so was never able to use it reliably. Constantly had to replace HS tracks with Kontakt patches from day one. I don’t regret the purchase because this is obviously a high quality instrument otherwise. (disregard the contradiction haha no ill will intended)

I’m going to have to say “ME TOO”…but my problem sounds more like digital noise…like when a CD gets stuck. Happens either as stand alone or inside Logic 9. At first I didn’t know what the hell the noise was then I muted Halion Sonic and it stopped. I really hope they issue a fix for this. Fast! :smiling_imp:

same problem here
win7 64 bit, mr816csx, cubase 5.5, roland rd700gx. Standalone and pluginmode.
Unusable this way and would be a reason to ask my money back…

Steinberg is working on an update that will address this problem.

My problem with hanging notes is of a random character so for songwriting/composing in my studio Halion Sonic is still usable, but at times he’s a rather tiresome fellow.

Hi, I don’t know if the cause of your problem is the same as it was for me, but I struggled with that issue for more than a month and found out was not related to Software. I finally got the cause and the solution.

I posted it here:

Hope it solves it for you.


Gateway Fx
Intel i7 Core 920
Windows 7 Home Premium
Cubase 7.0.4
Controller Nektar Panaroma P6 Plugged in Dynex Powered USB Hub