Studio One v3

S1 -v3 looks much better than version 2. and has a lot more features that were missing.

I haven’t used Studio One, although I have version 2.65 on my system. Just didn’t like it that much, but now with all the new features, and improved GUI, I might update to version 3. and see how I gel with it.


the “Extended FX Chains” and “multi instruments” looks very cool, and what i like about their design is that they make workflow easy with graphical representation… for example the “Extended FX Chains” view and edit

yes, it looks great… Big improvement from 2.6…


V3.0 looks unreal.

seriously considering trying out an E.P. on this thing.

the gui looks super clean, cubase is very slapdash in comparison.

it seems scaling the project and their mixer, even in the presenation video, is as steppy as in cubase…

i wonder how fl studio achieves such fluidity when it comes to navigating and zooming in and out in the arrangement.

Actually, if it had EUCON and something like Control Room, I’d switch over.


  1. Can use properly on a notebook (without dongle hassles!)
  2. Has multi touch

Great effort. Looks like it’s years behind Cubase Pro 8… More like 6.5 with touch screen capability. I got a free copy with some gear I got I could never get into S1 despite the fact they used one of my favourite producers to promote it.

Steinberg is on top of the DAW game.

I also think cubase is better… But presounos have really innovative programmers (also copy well from other daws :smiley:)
Competition is always good,and it will motivate steinberg to do even better,to keep us their customers and get new ones…

Aloha guys.

On 1st glance looks good but still no detailed info on
score/notation features which for me is a deal breaker.

I’ll take a closer look in the coming days.

FL studio use vector / procedural Graphics, which makes it fully scaleable. The best way to do graphics in my opinion.

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

I thought that when Presonus started this they engaged old Steinberg employees for this.

They did hire two from the original Nuendo team.
With the joy of starting with a completely new and fresh coding possibilities :wink:

Studio One is a very nice DAW, but in some areas it is still Cubendo’s “little brother” (midi, monitoring/listen bus, +++).
In other areas it is way faster and easier (many drag’n’drop functions, re-ordering the tracks in the mixer, +++).

Never the less, Studio One is a great welcome in the DAW world :slight_smile:

S1 3.0 is great, it does not have all he bells and whistles as C8Pro but I don’t expect it to either

Im down to C8Pro and StudioOnePro 3 here

I use S1 for 5 years now and have to say, feature wise S1v3 indeed still is light years behind Cubase and unfortunately not only Cubase. I think almost any DAW overpowers S1 these days, when it comes to features.

I suspect with the move of Wolfgang Kundrus to EastWest the current team isn’t capable to maintain the same standard as they did with version 1 and 2. Those where innovative and pretty nifty. The new features added in v3 (Multi Instrument, FX chain, Note FX, Arranger track, Scratch pad etc.) are all of a level you would expect from a phone or table app. Simple and limited, tailored to people with little DAW experience.

That jibes with some conversations I’ve had lately (in the brick and mortar world) about Cubase vs Studio 1. The guys I talked to said Studio 1 was super quick to get started in due to it’s mild learning curve. They didn’t mind that other DAWs had more functionality, (not just Cubase). Horses for courses… :wink:

shame cubase doesn’t offer those phone- or tablet-grade features of modular fx chains. on the other hand the mixconsole is one of the best executed highschool projects out there so that makes up for it.

Sounds like studio one was the wrong purchase lol. Your gonna be mad when they add more instruments, ipad control, and a control surface for it down the line. It’s definitely caters to people with little daw experience like

Won a grammy mixing in studio one. How about pro tools expert who created a site for studio one. Here is is reason for switching to studio one- Go on youtube and type why I switched to studio one. You ever notice that you find more videos of people making music with studio one compared to cubase 8? Did you see the interview with the female producer who does music for grey’s anatomy. How about michael jacksons nephew praising studio one on twitter and grammy producer Pete Steward. Pete wasn’t too happy with Avid. I think you should switch to Cubase personally.