Studio Pass for VST Connect Pro 4.0.44 - Released

Dear forum members,

today we have released version 4.0.44 of the Studio Pass app for iOS.

Besides solving many issues and improving performance, version 4.0.44 is now compatible with VST Connect Pro and VST Connect Performer 4.0.40 (and higher).

This supplemental update is recommended for all VST Connect Pro users and…

  • is compatible with VST Connect Pro/Performer 4.0.40 (and higher)

  • is compatible with iOS 13

  • includes the unified login with your MySteinberg account

  • features a redesigned User Interface

  • fixes the issue of the iPad Camera not working correctly

For more information please visit the Apple App Store.

All the best,

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Not functionally in Iphone 14 pro. Help please. Don’t select front camera

… have you checked the iPhone System Preferences? You will find an entry called “Studio Pass”: There, you can enable/disable the camera access.