stylus pen, touch monitor - to SL7?

Does it make sense to use a touch screen when editing - possibly also a stylus when drawing an edition?
Is a mouse and only a mouse better ?.

SL7 can be used with a touch screen : you can zoom and pan with finger gesture.
It also support stylus with pressure sensitivity for some tools. Note that support may vary depending on the stylus, platform (win/mac) and context (stand-alone/ARA).


just be aware that the wacom experience isn’t as good as it might be

Windows 10 - Studio One 5
Huion 1060Pro+ pen tablet
Had several issues with the Huion perhaps wrongly attributed the issues to SL just after installing SL.
Now got the Huion work good with an easy workaround in Stand-Alone and as ARA…

The multi-touch on SL7 on the same monitor as stand-lone works ok but as an ARA it has issues.
But on Mphaser the Multi-touch works fine.