Suddenly, Tempo Detection crashes Cubase 11

I have been doing quite a lot of tempo detection on a project and never had a problem. Now suddenly, it crashes every time I do a tempo Detection. (see picture) I have tried disabling third party plugins, booting without prefrences, disabling all VSTs. Tried a fresh Cubase song with different audio. It now just crashes every time.

Cubase 64bit 2023.3.30 (717.6 KB)

My log of the crash from my C Drive.

You could upload the dump file here.
(Lol! Ask and you shall receive!)

Looks like a memory access error by the application.
You should report it as a bug (unless a friendly admin shows up and does it for you.)

I would try and restore Windows, if possible, to a time when you think everything worked well. It could be caused by an OS update, driver update or something more obscure…?

Thank you. I will try a Windows restore, although there were no new installs done from the moment it worked to stopping working. I have 32 gig Ram and no VSTs in the song at this point.

Tempo Detection can indeed make Cubase crash randomly., especially when using the tool to adjust the grid when the detection window is still open. Just the detection alone it’s highly unstable sometimes.

This issue is well documented already, I don’t think restoring Window will fix it.
I’ll try to reset Cubase preferences instead. If that still doesn’t fix it just go for a system restore.
Could also be a corrupt project.

Thanks for the respond. This crash happens as Tempo Detect is doing the scan. It never completes it.

I did a restore and created a new song and imported different audio. Tempo detect worked! I went back to my old audio, also imported into a new song and it crashed. I then truncated the end of the song which was very out of tempo. Normally tempo detect does the detection up to that point, brings up a warning message, but then I can manually place down beats and it still works. After truncating the end out of tempo bit , tempo detect worked. So it seems Tempo Detect couldn’t deal with the out of tempo bit and just crashed.??

Yes, as I said Tempo Detection sometimes is highly unstable. In this case there’s nothing you can really do about it.

But your finding is very intriguing. Would you mind posting your audio file (or just part of it) so we can test on our machines ?