Suggestion: hide empty staves while in write mode/galley view

It would be nice to have a quick toggle while in Write mode (including galley view!) to remove all the staves from display that are empty. At the moment I find myself spending a lot of time scrolling from the string section at the bottom to e.g. the flutes on top, through a lot of inactive percussion and brass. I know this can be partly solved with a dedicated lay-out (e.g. woodwind+strings) but Murphy’s law always find me needing the lay-out I don’t have yet, and this could be an elegant quick solution?

Haha. Thanks. I’m not sure I agree with the objections against it, but having a “focus on staves” equivalent that Daniel mentions would go a long way to sorting the problem out for me. But once you have that option, why not just have a “hide empty staves in galley view” (for those bars that are in view). Anyway, just saying :slight_smile:

Don’t forget one basic problem: how do you put the first note on a stave that is completely hidden? :slight_smile:

Rob: I"m seeing it as a toggle that you can activate/undo with one key-click. So you would just undo it and enter your notes, and activate when you’re not entering note but e.g. copying (I’m spending almost as much time copying as I am entering. In spite of all the nice multi-staff input tools that Dorico has).

I’m not objecting to focusing (in a more general sense than Sibelius Focus on Staves, I hope) on what I want to see on the screen.

For example working on a score with large numbers of divisi staves (e.g. 6 or 8) in some sections of a flow but not in others is a pain in galley view at present.

Is there really any point in having this discussion twice in a week, when it’s already been put to rest?

I would give JustusR the benefit of the doubt and suggest that they didn’t see the original discussion before making this post.

Indeed I didn’t. I apologise for duplicating an issue raised almost simultaneouslyb y Pat_, which was a total coincidence (though somewhat revealing). I’ll try to monitor the forum better from now on (though this is not easy, because of the volume of posts, most of which being of no interest to me specifically).