Ok, I have looked for a suggestion email/sub-forum and have not been able to find any; if someone knows of one please do let me know.

I’ve been using Cubase for a number of years and have a few suggestions. These are obviously just my own subjective opinions on what I would look to see in Cubase, but I will throw them out there. I have am a registered user of several DAWs, due to work, and I see a lot of things in each I would love to see in Cubase (and there are plenty of things in Cubase that those other DAWs can use as well).

Firstly, the most important thing for me is a stable environment. After that is achieved I would like to see the following (also note on my system(s) Cubase runs brilliantly, I am just making a note that stability is the ‘feature’ I seek most).

  1. The bundled Cubase instruments. I am not sure who uses the included Cubase synths, but they are shit. There. I’ve said it. I have tried really really hard to like them, I just can’t. They are clumsy, cumbersome and have this “sheen” to them I can’t seem to get away from. Most every other DAW I come across has better included instruments than Cubase (FL Studio , Live, Reason, Logic). Same goes for Halion, I know I have heard people use it, but I just never met someone who has (same goes for loopmash); it is sort of like a Maroon 5 fan, I know they exist, just never met one. I think you guys should subcontract someone to make some better instruments or stop making them altogether and drop the price of Cubase.

  2. Add some more or revamped creative plugins. There is a short list of bundled plugins I use from Cubase and that short list of used ones comes from a decent sized list of available ones. I know superficiality is pointless and the bare bones look of (most) the bundled plugins can save us on CPU usage (i reckon), but most could really use a facelift; sometimes the sterile look of Cubase leaves me less than inspired. Obviously the facelift should come after making some more useful and more sonically pleasing plugins. Take note of Logic/FL plugs.

  3. Mixer Window. Again, I try to use the mixer window but it is awfully cumbersome. I never use it. Like I said, most of this will be very subjective…Make an option for people like me to instead of having a mixer window, have a nice neat neat single fader with the master out. That is the only thing I use in the mixer, I make it as small as I can and just monitor that, I do all my volume and pan adjustments via the inspector and the mixer windows just seems pointless to me.

  4. Why is there no simple sample playback tool, like nanosampler in dp or any track in FL. Groove agent solo, that’s a good name for it.

  5. Multiscope + Studio EQ = Win. Add frequency content to the EQ itself and make it toggle-able (to save CPU).

  6. Add a simple way to clear the recent project list.

  7. Do something, anything, about the way Cubase handles User track/insert/plugin presets. I guess in short, make mediabay better.

  8. Automation Events, rather than c/p small little dots.

  9. DO something about the way Cubase handles audio bytes/events/regions. If anyone has ever tried to do multisample editing with Cubase, it is damn near impossible because of the way cubase handles audio files; Pro Tools/DP are years ahead in workflow ease and multiple event export.

  10. Better track management please.

Of course whilst I am typing this, some things leave my mind, but there is a short list. I know I will get the ubiquitous reply, “I just want a stable Cubase,” or “I would rather the programmers put their time elsewhere.” Just remember these suggestions come after the most stable version of Cubase they can produce, I am not suggesting they forget about stability and give us some SICK VISUALS on the plugins.


Point 5 is nice, I wouldn’t mind seeing a frequency analyser integrated in the channel EQ for example.
I’m not really sure what your problem is with 9, and I couldn’t care less about the aesthetics of the plugins, but each to their own :slight_smile:

and further with point 5, some nice hp and lp filters (24dB/oct) please. Maybe, a preview or A/B copy+compare facility too, would bring yet more flexibility, creativity…

I’ve read that the mixer (hopefully routing and so on - VCA’s anyone…?) is getting an overhaul, though not within the C6 lifecycle.

Point 6 - yes please…!!

Preset handling, I’m doing ok with from MB right now - I mean, it seems to work; make some changes, save the preset with a new name, and lo…! It is there in MediaBay for recall (and from within the specific plugin/VSTi etc…)

Multisample editing - is the (new) Group Edit function not useful to you here, or, I’ve missed your point and this is not what you are complaining of…

(oh, and better track management should come with the mixer overhaul - lets hope; fingers crossed…!)

My 9th point is hard to explain unless you have done multi sample editing, but I shall try to. I could have sworn I made a post about this, but I guess it was a different forum.

In short, it is not the actual editing part, it is the managing and exporting of the audio ‘clips.’

Say you take a long session of multiple sample hits, you cut it up into individual hits, need to rename, bounce envelopes and export said clips, within Cubase it is extremely hard for a couple of reason: 1) when you cut a long audio file into several smaller files it does not auto create new files for each of those smaller files (like DP and Pro Tools does) and 2: when you create a new event from those clips (essentially creating a new files for those smaller files) you have to individually click each smaller files to create those new files and then when you go to export from the pool, each new file has a parent file you need to click in order to show that new file…it is a bit mental

Meanwhile in DP/PT when you chop up a long file, it auto create new files for the smaller clips and they are all easily selectable in their “pool” or bytes windows and right click>export, you are done.


Built in frequency analyser please!

With note finder line in FL or in Melda Production Analizer