Summer sale question: can I update “Padshop Pro Extension” with “Padshop 2 Update from Padshop Pro”?

(no responses to this over in the Padshop section …)

I have a seperate “Padshop Pro Extension” license on my USB eLicenser.

Can that license be updated to Padshop 2, i.e. can the “Padshop 2 Update from Padshop Pro” be applied to an existing “Padshop Pro Extension” license?


Does anyone even know where one can get an answer to this question, now that there’s no longer a “pre-sales” section on the new forum?

It’s not like the presales subforum was monitored by anyone different than the rest of the forum.

But anyway, isn’t that a license you bought for Padshop pro? If you don;'t want toi check with SB support, maybe mention a staff person’s name on the forum to doublecheck?

I had assumed that it would have been monitored by Steinberg staff, as a sales tool. No matter!

Shortly after the original Padshop appeared as part of a Cubase upgrade, there was an offer to purchase an additional license to transform it into Padshop Pro (i.e. Padshop Pro, version “1”), which runs within other DAWs as a plugin, but there’s no standalone version. This license appears in eLCC as “Padshop Pro Extension”. I can move that license to another USB eLicenser that doesn’t also contain a recent (pre-10.5) Cubase license and Padshop Pro will run within e.g. Reaper.

The current summer sale has two Padshop 2 offers, the “upgrade” and the “update”. According to the note the “upgrade” is “incompatible with the Cubase included version of Padshop”, however that note confusingly refers to the “upgrade” as an “update” (“this update is only for separately purchased Padshop”):

In any case, that’s not the option I want, so I select “Update”, and there’s no warning note, hence my question.

if I purchase this update license, will I be able to apply it to my existing “Padshop Pro Extension” license?

I have now done that, it’s just the cynic in me was hoping for an answer before the sale ends :smiling_imp:

I thought it was only in me!

I personally think so, but since the names are slightly different it’s not clear. I did find a post from @Guillermo from a few years ago that provides a supporting hint, License selling question (Padshop Pro extension) -

Good news! People who have a seperate “Padshop Pro Extension” license can avail of the current 50%-off summer sale (until 23-Sep-2021) and update to Padshop 2 with this: “Padshop 2 Update from Padshop Pro”.