Super small cursor


I’m experiencing the same issues as this user:

Is there a way to fix it back to normal? The cursor is too small.

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Hi and welcome on the forum,

As mentioned in the linked thread:

What Cubase version do you use? Are you on Mac or Windows? Is your system up to date? Do you use HiDPI screen? What scaling do you use on the system?



I’m using Cubase 10 Pro, Windows 10, latest update for windows. Sorry that I’m not so good at tech I don’t understand what is HiDPI screen and how do I check if I’m using one. I’m using a laptop, Razer Blade 2020, 4k Oled. Under Display settings, my scaling is at 200%.

hi, is there a solution for this? Seems like the issue has been like that since Cubase 9.

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Hi, I have this issue with Cubase 12 on Win 11 now.