Superfluous (voice 2?) rests in condensing

There’s a voices thing going on here which I can’t figure out at all. Horns 1 and 3 are condensed together in this score, and there is nowhere in it with any problem - except the first bar of this two-bar phrase. Here’s the phrase in Galley view:


And this is what it looks like in condensed view:


Those superfluous rests seem to belong to a second voice. If I put a minim note in Horn 3 in this bar, the rests disappear in condensed view to be replaced by the note, but reappear when that note is deleted. If I duplicate the bar into any other instrument in the orchestra except Horn 3, there are no superfluous rests, but they are there if I move the material from Horn 1 to Horn 3. Reinputting the material from scratch into Horn 1 has no effect. I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions? A small segment from the flow is attached; the material in question is in bar 8 (coloured red in Galley view).
Symffoni segment - 3rd movement.dorico (1.6 MB)
[Later] Oh dear. I spoke too soon. I’ve exactly the same issue later on in the Bassoons 1&2 staves - the same appearance of multiple superfluous rests in the condensed Bassoon 1 staff, lasting for one bar only. Is there a condensing option that I need to know about?



I found a setting that affects that in Notation Options. Reduce the number and it will work.

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Wow, thanks. I shall investigate forthwith.
[Having tried it] Miraculous! Thank you so much.

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Glad it’s all sorted.

A little Tip. When debugging condensing issues, I use Condensing Changes. It allows more control on how things are condensed and many options can be overridden. The interface is more concise, so it’s easier to test the Options with that interface. Once I found what worked in a Condensing Change, I found the global setting in Notation Options.


Thanks again, Craig. In fact I discovered Condensing Changes during the past few days, and used it to solve something else that had been vexing me:

I hadn’t, for some reason, made the connection with the superfluous rests question. But I’m eager to try it for some other layout issues I’m getting, e.g. score order for doubling instruments.

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