Support non existent?

I opened a support ticket 13 days ago regarding Wavelab completely crashing my system every time certain plugins were opened and have heard nothing since. Cubase 13 and Wavelab 12 have the same issue completely bricking the PC. Had to uninstall both…
What’s going on with Steinberg support? Spent a small fortune with the company for years and this is how they treat their customers? Outrageous! I’ve never waited longer than 48 hours with other companies for a support request. What gives?


I can’t speak for Support but if you know that it is a specific plug in/plugins that cause the issue, I doubt that support will be able to address that. The remedy will likely be with the plugin developer.

Maybe post more specific details here and someone might have something constructive to add.

FWIW, I have only had to contact Support one time and they were prompt, helpful and resolved the issue without delay. That was some time back.

Steinberg support is useful for licensing and admin issues but you’re not going to get better and more direct support for WaveLab itself than this forum, because the inventor and main developer of WaveLab is active on here daily.

A 3rd party plug-in crashing WaveLab is not that uncommon. You can provide a crash report to help reveal which plug-in or plug-ins are causing the issue.

From there, the solution is to either not use those plug-ins or see if you can get the plug-in developer to fix the plug-in.


Yeah, the plugin maker got back to me within 2 hours and spent a week trying to help. They said they would try to fix it if it could be fixed but I needed to be in touch with Steinberg too. Just don’t get why Steinberg support don’t even acknowledge their customers.

What do you expect from Steinberg if the crash happens in the plugin?

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This is a Steinberg specific problem along with plenty of other bugs I could mention. The plugins work perfectly on the other DAWs I’ve got installed on my system and the truth is, I expect just a response from Steinberg. Nothing more.

What proof do you have to state this?

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So why don’t you try to list your “bugs” here and get help from the developer.

Ok, you’ve got a response from the developer @PG1 , now you should describe your problem. Just throwing some words over the fence is not leading to a solution.

The issue was: Whenever certain plugins (occasionally Izotope modules from Ozone 10, DMG limitless, but every time with Mastering The Mix’s Reference) are loaded into Wavelab, everything works as it should until Wavelab is closed. The problem is when reopening Wavelab it either will not open at all, or when it does, the playback button causes Wavelab to freeze completely and then within 10-15 seconds, the whole system freezes, needing a hard restart. I had this issue since Wavelab 10 and narrowed it down to these plugins but it was not as bad as 12. The issue comes up on occasion with Cubase too. Mastering The Mix have stated that the issue is to do with Wavelab not reporting the sample rate to the plugins until the play button is pressed and they will try to find a way to get around that in their next update.


DMG Limitless works fine here (as it has since WL 9.5) but maybe check you have the latest version of the plugin.

DMG are always super responsive to issues like this.

Yeah, it only happened a couple of times with Limitless and after reopening Wavelab it worked fine. The main issue was with the Mastering The Mix plugin.

I had similar “plugin” problems but was told that even though they work perfectly in every other DAW I own that it was NOT a WL problem but a plugin problem. How that even makes sense defies any logic…This has been an ongoing problem for years so don’t expect a "quick"answer…

There is “something” in WL that is “different” when it comes to handling VST plugins but Steinberg refuses to acknowledge that fact. It is strange that Steinberg, who developed VSTs has the most problems with VSTs. ??? Oh well I guess it will never get solved as it is easier to “blame” the plugin developers than to FIX the problem.

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Wrong. One could also say: Given that “Plugin A” works fine in WaveLab, if “Plugin B” does not, then the issue is with the “plugin B”. And this is generally the proper statement :slightly_smiling_face:

From one perspective, I can see how that makes sense, but in 10 years of using Presonus Studio One, I could count on one hand the amount of crashes I’ve had.
Wavelab and Cubase however seem to be crashing every second day on average for me.

DMG Limitless is super solid here, and I recently rediscovered how awesome it is and have been using it a lot lately. At one point, Limitless had a minor rendering issue in WaveLab and the DMG developer fixed it VERY fast and it’s been perfect ever since.

It looks like Mastering The Mix publishes some known issues:

It seems like these haven’t been updated in 4 years.

I would ask them to better test and support WaveLab to clear up any issues, or just not use their plug-ins. This isn’t the only super small plug-in company to not have the time/resources to devote to testing and supporting WaveLab.

I work all day with a handful of great plug-ins that never crash WaveLab:

FabFilter, DMG, Ozone 11 Advanced, Soothe2, Plugin Alliance (EQ V3, Vertigo VSM-3, BAX EQ), Tone Projects (Unisum & Michelangelo), Goodhertz, Leapwing, Sonnox, UAD/UADx, Gold Clip, Make Believe/Sontec, and a few others.

It’s not the fun answer but it’s almost always the plug-ins and not WaveLab.

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Yep. Wavelab’s infallible. Hasn’t crashed or been the cause of any crashes since uninstalling. Every plugin I own works 100% fine 100% of the time in both Ableton and Studio One. I’m sorry to sound so obtuse but my big issue is with support not responding. No support WILL lead to the company going under in the future if they keep treating paying customers like that.

Would you like to attempt to resolve this issue? If so, please provide crash log(s) for the crash(es) in question and then someone may be able to help you here in this forum.

If you search the forum, PLENTY of WaveLab bugs have been reported here and then fixed by PG. This forum is the best possible place for WaveLab support because PG invented WaveLab and is still the main developer. Consider this forum “Support” unless you have an authorization problem or other admin issue.

You’ll also find on the forum, a pattern of some 3rd party plugins not well tested and supported in WaveLab and the solution is for the plug-in developers to test their plugins in WaveLab. I’ve seen it happen MANY times in my 15 years of using WaveLab.

Because a plug-in works in Studio One or Ableton doesn’t mean it will work in WaveLab or every DAW.


I probably won’t be going to the trouble of reinstalling just to brick my system again. Had to do a full image reinstall of Windows 2 weeks ago because of this issue.

In that case, how do you expect Steinberg or anyone else to resolve the issue?