This will be a bit of a long post, but I think there will be a lot of people with the sames issues I had, and it might help some of you! Apologies if you all ready knew this, but I think it is very relevant.
So, I’ve been a Cubase user since LE4, and I’m now on Cubase Pro 13, but I discovered something yesterday that has really opened my eyes!
Basically, when I started home recording with Cubase (acoustic guitars, electric guitars, Halion instruments and vocals) I was lured into using other plug-in makers, most noticeably Waves. They were for all the basic stuff (compression, EQ, reverbs etc) and I used non Steinberg plugs most of the time, and was happy with the “noises” I was creating!
Recently I have been having a lot of issues with computer performance, and crashes etc., and happily pointed the blame at Steinberg & Focusrite (my audio input device).
I then discovered that the Waves plugs were the main culprit, and was then told that if I wanted to continue using them without paying a lot of money I would need to use Cubase 9 or 10!
I have just deleted ALL Waves plugs from my system, went over some recent projects, replaced all the now unavailable plugs with Steinbergs, and, I am absolutely amazed at:

  1. how absolutely brilliant the tracks all sound
  2. how much faster my 'puter is now
  3. how much money I would have saved not buying Waves products!
    So thank you Steinberg for all the plug-ins supplied, I am sorry I doubted you!

I will always use a stock Steinberg plugin if I can (exception is I use a Fabfilter L-2 limiter exclusively for the master out). I have ‘go to’ Waves plugins and they do run well but I also pay the premium for them.

Cubase Pro 13
Mac Studio M2


Waves are quite old plugins.

They can cause unexpected shut downs to Cubase, and other issues.

Very glad things are working out for you!

Some of Steinberg stock plugins are great for sure! Especially the new one.
Regarding the compression I am still love Arturia. And Soundtoys plugins are also amazing!
But once again - the stock are cool…just think that some of them need to be updated… just IMHO


Yeah, I echo that. The stock plugins are astonishing!

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Congratulations :clap:
One more user who has recognized the value of Steinberg stock plugins.


Did the same thing 2 moths ago when I switched from my MacBook M1 to Mac mini M2 Pro and S1 to CB 13.
Waves…… never again will they get installed on my systems. WUP being the main reason.
Only installed CB13 and my VST synths.
No audio processing plugins .
The only one I did install is the BSA clipper , since CB doesn’t have one.( as far as I can tell )

Included DAW plug-ins have come a long way for sure. Totally possible to do a great mix with only those.

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Cubase stock plugins rules :metal:

If just Cubase get a plugin window where steinberg make a new folder in lower zone just like Ableton. 1. for the cleaner screen area 2. To work with the chain from left to right.

I think i can talk for most of us here to, that cubase offers One of the biggest versetile and best stock plugins of any daw. Just some gui work and update that :slight_smile:

Realy NiCE that you have started with stock plugin in cubase, and see the power and greatness of Cubase plugins, believe that at least 70% have not read through the plugin and vsti documentation and all other documents and instructions :), but say that they are bad and spending unnecessary money on 3rd party plugin just for gui and simpler and clearer gui with better visuality.
But just look in the cubase documentation when problems arise. but if you do that, you can get super stable and clean mixes without spending money on unnecessary things, been there myself. right now I’m reading through the Halion 7 documentation and working on understanding it for real and making my own vst vsti that I want to create, I myself have thought of asking Steinberg if you can do some swapping with some of my Izotope suits to get SpectraLayers 10 pro wavelab pro 12 and possibly move to Nuendo. as well as adding more stuff from steinberg.

The only thing that bothers me and I think Steinberg should change is the Absolut series. have had the Ansolut package for many many years now. but if you own Cubase Pro, you buy the same things twice, and you have done that a number of times now. so if you have Cubase Pro, there should be Absolute Pro where you buy an extra package with 100% extra stuff. and not things that are already in cubase pro only problems i have.

I am one of those who will never switch to another daw “cubase/nuendo” as main as Steinberg proves time and time again that they really want to make the absolute best daw for all types of music creators, producers, mix and mastering engineers. It is an extremely complicated daw to make where everyone must be satisfied and work your way as each idea requires a programming that must fit in with the other. so, in my opinion, they work just right to update, test, collect information and run maintains. as well as working slowly and listening to their community and doing their best for all levels of creators. and it’s still a stripped down version of nuendo, where we cubase users are a bit of subjects until it reaches nuendo.

I think that Steinberg Communicy is one of the most demanding Communicys out there hehe we get everything we want and yet we demand more :slight_smile: and its not easy times now for steinberg with Windows and new intel tech.

People that complain can buy Nuendo with Nuage system, to understand what steinberg is and where Cubase is in steinberg lineup.

And yes plz Steinberg talk to yamaha to make Nuage for cubase that is like ni mk3 and with all the godies on and over the keyboard that can be moduler if you want to take it away :slight_smile: Max cost 5000$. And a Steinberg dsp box with the same idé like process lasso, and just with a raw dsp power that eat everything you feed it. Yes just an idé and a dream hehe;)

Long post here to:)

Hi Jim, I’ve been using Cubase since ages (My first version was the one for Atari) and currently on the Cpro13 since the release and I’ve been passing by your similar experience, falling in buying lots of Waves plugins (some quite pleasant tho…) but my pc was always overkilled, hence I started several years ago to mostly use the stock plugins that are really brilliant, less cpu consuming and fully integrated in the workflow. the last piece I didn’t did yet, but your post just illuminated me, is to delete all of the Waves from my system, which I will do right now… you’re right, there is no longer reason to keep them on.
All the best!

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I still use Waves and call me crazy, but I’ll WUP for the following reasons:

  1. I have used them since the L-2 was delivered on floppy discs and costs hundreds of dollars. I think then I purchased Waves Native Power Pack that cost less…but still well into several hundred dollars. The L-2 still works like it did then. I rarely need a limiter than can achieve huge GR. And fwiw, commercial mastering engineers often obtain majority of db’s prior to limiting. Actually there isn’t that much extra if the content arrives from a good mix engineer.

Waves are relatively old when there wasn’t much competition and DAW stock plugs were for the most part…horrible…or not nearly as good as most any 3rd party plugs.

Today the newer Cubase plugs rival 3rd party, and in fact tools like Frequency2 offer a big feature not found in any other 3rd party plug! Yet many today still automatically think 3rd party is somehow better. Some definitely are…and some are not.

  1. Waves just work well…along with UAD, SoundToys, Fab Filter and a host of other developers. I still use the Ren plugs. And some tools such as the Riders or Q-Clone have little or no substitutes.

  2. I want to continue support for Waves because if they were sold I think it would not end well for users. Look what has happened with other once-great innovative developers swallowed up by holding companies. My guess is the owners of Waves tried to pump up their value for a sale via forced subscription, and it backfired. Lesson learned.

Anyway, I’m glad the OP was surprised, and I hope this doesn’t become another Waves-hate-WUP thread. Use what you like.

I never agreed with the all the people complaining about Steinberg adding too many plugins.
Quite frankly I think all these people miss the point about Cubase. It’s as close to a one stop shop as any DAW out there.
I would like my DAW to cover most bases and then purchase just a few extra plugins.


Exacly :slight_smile: and yes some stuff is fun and maby needed to get a specifik sound a pro need to have for a jobb.

But there is only 1 or 2 things i have in my ”want” list that is to make the tonegenerator to be a synt just be like it is, and ad a LFO, an envelope follower and a track sideshain.

And nummer 2 is to make kick track a ghost track or more specific a copy to a automation lane track that send ADSR follower that you can phase how you want on the insett to the other track.

Like make a kick track, klick copy envelope to new track. Name it ghost track or ghost kick.
Open another track and klick on input envelope track. And there is parameters like change the volume ”ducking” and offset grid and a LFO.

Yes we can do this now, but with this its 2 click. Click 1 make envelope track or ”automation track”
Click 2 insert envelope track

Dont know if it can be a VCA track or just a audio track.
And dial to taste perfect for fast setup. Now its alot more click.

Inspiering to work that way i think

For a long time, I was one of them. I felt if they put more resources toward core DAW functions and less toward stuff 3rd parties could achieve, it would make Cubase a more solid and reliable DAW.

But prosumers have a tighter grip today than 25 years ago.

It wasn’t very long after Steinbergs Neon was released that NI released the mind-blowing Reaktor. I know I know…Neon was just an example. But in those days 3rd parties such as NI and Waves ruled a lot of DAWs.

Not today.

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I ended my relationship with Waves a couple of years ago, when they tried to charge me AGAIN for the plugins I had purchased in the past. Never find them brilliant anyway, so not a problem. I am using now other families, but recently included several Cubase plugins with great result. For a newly, this would represent a lot of saved money. Way to go, Steinberg.

I´ve also deleted Waves plugins some months ago and I don´t miss anything…


I´d just add a versatile Reverb and a Delay (though there are a couple interesting ones) and I´m done.

I love my Waves plugins.

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Lovers gonna love… :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Amazing!!

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