WOW, I had no idea how difficult it would be to obtain a Surround Panner Joystick for my current Artist Series Controller setup (1 MC Control, 2 Mix & 1 Transport)!! :astonished:

There is some kind of bug (that Avid swears is SB’s fault) that shows 2 sources on the MC’s surround window. Trying to swipe the touch screen to pan the source (once you know WHICH one actually IS the source) is jittery as hell and while the pan knobs are calibrated better than the channel controls, that isn’t saying much when the DAW shows that I’m on channel 104, but the MC window shows that I’m on channel 117!! Besides that, with only 8 rotary encoders, you’re doing a LOT of paging. The mapping is also very odd, as the 2nd page is blank. So, you’ve got controls on p. 1 and then the rest are on 3 - 5.

I was hoping to get some kind of USB Joystick that would allow me to bypass the MC Control’s surround window altogether or, at least severely reduce my reliance upon it. I wanted to incorporate it into this current setup, hence my interest in the JL Cooper unit that I saw installed in the Nuage controllers. I figured that when I move over to the Nuage controllers, I could just use the same unit. But I have been sufficiently warned off by Fredo and a host of other unhappy Cubase/Nuendo users. A search on the Avid site showed more than a few unhappy PT users as well with the JL Cooper devices.

I saw one from Martin Sound. But it’s clearly so expensive they won’t even list the price!!!

Next stop, X-Keys. Their Macro Keys units work great with my setup and give me so many “Smart Switches” as to rival the MC Pro controller. So, I thought it was at least worth a look. At $250.00, it seems viable IF I can program all of the Surround controls to the 60 Macro buttons provided. Bigger concerns are whether the joystick will stay where you leave it or whether it snaps back to the center when you let it go, making that an instant deal breaker.

Everything else I’m finding is basically for Gamers, not people working in production. So, can you guys recommend ANYTHING suitable for working with Nuendo 7/8? :question: :question:

Hi, Keyplayer. I was looking for suitable surround panner controller as well. Avid Artist Control’s pan seems the same to me not very handy. I’d found a great application for android “TouchDaw” it has XY pad, even two on one screen, so now I can manage not only surround pan for 5.1 mixes, but even dolby atmos pan.

So my problem’s fully solved)
Also there’s interesring decision with xbox360 gamepad as midi controller. Ocean Swift Xbox360 Midi Controller - Setup and Demonstration - YouTube
Though the joystick on it asways goes to center by default which is not in accordance to front’n’center default pan position in nuendo.
Both methods are pretty cheap.
TouchOSC is even better, so I bought it also.

If you are still interested, I am currently working on my own development for our Nuage. The device can also be built into its own housing.
Here are some pictures of the first version. The final device will be black.

Looks good! :wink:

If you are still interested, I am currently working on my own development for our Nuage. The device can also be built into its own housing.
Here are some pictures of the first version. The final device will be black.

Whoa, that looks great! Mac and PC? john

Not using midi?
Midi when I last looked at it was way to limited still.

The panner will run on both PC´s and Mac. It will be connected via USB and communicate via MIDI. The joystick sends a pitch control for each axis, so that there is a higher resolution than 128 steps.
The device is integrated via a Generic Device. There it is possible that the encoders work in “relative mode”, so that there is no jump if values should be changed by mouse.

Very cool, definitely interested!

Very interested if it can be used as a stand alone (because I don’t own a Nuage).
I now have an AXOS from JLCooper, but it is unusable.

Best, Alan

There is the idea to build the controller into its own housing. Can you give me the reason why the axos is not working?


There was a post about the JL Cooper panners a while ago. My problems with the AXOS are described in the last post:

This was on Nuendo 7, but the problem is still there. No priority at JL Copper to fix this, after several emails to their support.

Good to hear that you are planning to build the controller as stand alone. Any idea about when and pricing?

Best, Alan

Hi Alan,

the problem you describe is a little in the nature of things.
the reason for this is that both the axos and my joystick are not touch-sensitive. so for nuendo/cubase it is impossible to find out if the user still wants to write automation or not.
with my joystick, i work around this problem with a button, with which i can switch the write function of the automation on and off. unfortunately, there’s no other way.

the reason for this misery is that Harrison holds a patent on touch-sensitive and motorized joysticks. that’s why there are no products on the market.


I appreciate the effort you put in making a new panner.
Which makes me think …

Isn’t there a way you can “hack” into the midi communication of the JL Cooper panner en simply disable the divergence rotary knobs on the joystick!?
That would solve the biggets problem with the JL Cooper panner.


Any pricing and/or release information available?

Hi Arteffect

I understand. But if you add a button that can easily switch write on/off, that would be a good solution. Maybe I can add it as a key command in combination with the AXOS, but it would be much better to have that function on the panner itself. I’d still be very interested to know if there is a release date and an idea of pricing? :wink:

Best, Alan

Hi Arteffect, just letting you know I replied to your PM, very interested! Thanks, john

Hello Fredo,

unfortunately I cannot change the software of the JL Cooper.
Also one of the main reasons to build my own panner is to have a smaller and more discreet joystick.

Greetings Peter

i think the first device with the current layout and functionality will be ready in two weeks.
The price will be about 420,-€ plus tax.

This looks very cool. I love the fact you have added the Quick controls at the top. Is there a plan for Atmos hight? I always thought having the panner joy stick that could pull up and down would be a great idea for adjusting the hight of the object.

What about a motorized panner ?

Seems like a good option, with the same advantages as very common motorized faders.