Survey on the Performance of Steinberg DAWs

Hi all,

We are constantly working on the improvement of the performance and the stability of our software. Due to the complexity of today’s system configurations and the diversity of 3rd party hardware like audio interfaces, displays or graphic cards this task is getting more challenging every day.

Please help us to find out more about your setup in order to improve the performance and stability of Cubase and Nuendo for all of our users.

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Thank you for your time!

Cheers from Hamburg,

Interesting idea to do a survey for this.

Besides for resolution, maybe also ask the size of the screen in inches so you have a guess of their DPI?

Please, do the support for 4k resolution screens. Cursors inside the DAW after updating Win10 “Creator’s update” became very very small. Alt+K must open and close virtual keyboard separately from the main transport window. (from version 9.0.20 this function isn’t working).

I had trouble answering the question about dropouts because I have no idea what the ‘average’ might be, I expect no-one really knows the average… I would rather it asked me whether I was happy about the amount of dropouts I was getting, and what the frequency was. In my case, the frequency is regularly a few a minute if running networking and regularly every few minutes if turning off networking.


I would consider that unacceptable. Depending on CPU LOAD / buffersize ofcourse.
But with 1 VSTi or external instrument Cubase should be able to play without dropouts.

Without pushing the CPU above its ability, you should have no dropouts. What you’re writing there is not how it should be.

To know whether it’s above or below average, you’d have to compare it against another DAW.


I found the questions a bit too vague. There should’ve been a place for anecdotal reporting. These are -my- performance/reliability issues which I suspect confound other users. They are mostly simple programming fixes.

  1. There should’ve been a question for users with multiple monitors. I run dual monitors at 2560x1440, but the real resolution of each screen is 720.

  2. I have no ‘performance’ issues per se… BUT… there are two -really- annoying behaviours:
    a. whenever I leave the system for a while… the whole system works OK for a 10-15 seconds, but then -always- appears to lock for 2-3 seconds. I assume the buffer is used up and the HDs are spinning back up to stream. I’m used to it now, but the first 40-50 times it happened it caused -real- paranoia. I’m using the Steinberg Power Scheme.

b. whenever the system auto-saves, it doesn’t care if I’m currently using the mouse. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been right in the middle of a critical edit, when the spinning wheel of auto-save kicks in. MADDENING! It shouldn’t be -that- hard to make Cubase -wait- to autosave UNTIL my finger is off the mouse.

  1. I have no reliability issues per se. Cubase is -very- reliable for me. BUT… when Cubase -does- crash? Or the system blue screens? Cubase -always- loses a great number of saved settings. (Such as the Files MRU). This may seem like a small thing, but it just drives me NUTS because it means that Cubase isn’t -really- saving certain things (like the File MRU) -until- you exit. Look, this is 2017. Users are used to apps that save as you go. There’s simply no excuse for leaving housekeeping chores to the bitter end.

I thank Steinberg for the time asking these questions. And I think I understand why. But…

Oddly I feel you would already have those answers if someone at Steinberg just read the threads here… Why the poll? The issues are presented here already right?

If you want real world experiences as to how the DAW is working, then hire some people to actually contact users of Cubase. This forum is more of a place to complain about how it is NOT working. Maybe some support for users would be a start…

Maybe look into the UR series issues with drivers not compatible with so many systems. That is to me completely disappointing. I rebuilt my computer to make it work because I can afford it, and two years later, still no driver or support for those who cannot get the drivers to work on their systems.

Just a thought.

That being said, Cubase is completely solid on my system so I have no complaints. None!

I’m thinking the questions were using mapped answers was for quick generation of a general percentage. The only question that had any user data input was the one about the video card.

I too have no complaints but I don’t run 500 tracks like I’ve read here with a few users, plus I’ve got plenty of high speed ram and CPU.

Interesting servery. I’ve only gone from Pro Eight to the current version of Pro Nine. The current is the most complete and stable I’ve had so far. I’m very pleased with almost everything about the current Pro Nine version.

I have the occasional dropouts that do not crash Cubase, but interrupt recording, which obviously is annoying. Also I do have issues changing between projects within Cubase, I now shutdown Cubase and restart with each project, which again is not ideal. I might add that I run three monitors and oten wonder if this has any impact upon performance issues. I might add that in order to do this I have to use HDMI - DVI - Display Port - which again makes me wonder whether this compounds the issues. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

great survey!
I would add, ask what more important for Steinberg customers: quick bug fixes or new features.

Because after C5, bugs & bugs of new features remind me, snowball rolls down from mountain

thank you for the survey.

I hope the survey results spur some improvements. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

If you’re not pushing your system somewhere towards it’s limits, I would consider zero dropouts at any time to be normal/average. Anything else means there is a problem.

Surprised to not see any options for Intel Xeon processors. Are not enough end-users using Mac Pros?

Mac Pro here also. It’s indeed a bit strange that a Xeon isn’t a standard CPU option since Steinberg recommend (on PC side) a HP Workstation with Xeons

I highly appreciate this effort - thank you. I hope it gives some more insight.

I do hope that there aren’t tons of responses from casual users that are “It’s great! Perfect!” from people who aren’t actually able to compare it in real-world and accurate ways with other DAWs (I’m referring to the questions in the survey where we compare it other DAWs). That’s the hard part about questions like that on a survey like this, of course: It can easily be skewed without an objective basis.

Also, PLEASE add Intel Xeon to the processors list, for lazy survey takers. As orchitect and nls referred to, that’s what every Mac Pro post 2013 has.

Just completed the survey. Thanks to Steinberg for listening once again! Best of luck to the team.

I honestly feel there is a problem in the graphics engine of Cubase that leads to drop outs. I know this is often reported as a Mac problem but I’m a PC user. I recently managed to reduce my drop outs significantly by messing with the power settings on my graphics card, but very occasionally it still “almost” drops for a second.
It was far worse when I ran plugins like Waves Smack Attack and Softube’s Heartbeat but stopped as soon as I closed the GUI. Incidentally I don’t get any dropouts in Ableton with my Steinberg UR824 card but in Cubase I do, go figure Steinberg.