Sustain pedal mutes track

When I press the sustain pedal of my keyboard, a certain track in my project is muted, even when its “record enable” button is deactivated. When I press it again it is unmuted.

This of course is unwanted, and slipped in somewhere per accident. The problem is, I don’t know what “accident”. That track appears to be identical in its input and channel settings to all the other tracks. So can’t figure it out why this happens, and only to that track. Anyone?

Is your keyboards midi i/o assigned to any remote device in your device setup?

Sorry, been away from Cubase for a while. Nope, no other device. By the way, it affects all tracks now. They all turn mute as soon as I press the sustain pedal. When I release it, they unmute.

I check the activity on MIDI-OX. It says “40” for DATA1 and “7F” (=127) for DATA2 when I press the sustain pedal, and “40” for DATA1 and “00” for DATA2 when I release the sustain pedal. Guess DATA2 is the on/off channel with 7F for “on” and 00 for “off”.

The outgoing midi channel is the same as for the outgoing key presses and releases. The pedal works fine with my keyboard when I play it stand-alone (it has on-board sound).

So you definitely have NO remote devices listed in your device setup, like in this pic??

Sorry, thought you meant “physical device”. Yes, the “Generic Remote” and the “VST Quick Controls”. Can the sustain pedal controller (I guess that’s CC64) be manipulated somewhere in this dialogue box?

You can probably just de-assign the Studiologic as Midi Input and midi output for the generic remote.
Unless you have a good reason for it to be assigned.

Thx for putting me on the right track, Grim. Have read the manual section on the “Remote Device”, which now makes sense. Through the “learn” function have attributed the CC64 function to Fader 1 to Fader 16, each for a different MIDI channel (1-16). For some reason, I lost general sound, but at least I can see visually that the MIDI input continues when I keep the pedal pressed, so it must be working. Also, the pedal no longer has any effect on the mute buttons!

That’s so funny. Keeping the pedal pressed now switches the volume of one of the tracks to zero. At least it no longer affects the mute buttons.

OK, I have deleted the entire content of the “Generic Device”, and everything works FINE :smiley: !!! Touch wood.

You could just have highlighted it on the left and hit the minus button to remove it rather than deleting it’s contents…but I guess it gets you to the same endpoint :wink: