sustain pedal sending mute message


I just installed C7 and it works fine except that my sustain pedal isn;t working,it actually sends the mute cc and mutes the track,still works fine in C6.5. any ideas?


Sounds like it is activating a Mute function in the Generic Remote. If you don’t need it, open the Generic Remote, and set its MIDI Input to “Not Connected”.

thanks!! That was it.Appreciate your help.

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Thanks “vic_france”

The latest C7.0.2 update ignored my generic remote maps

Reloading them cured it - and the mute disappeared.


So you set the MIDI INPUT (at the very top of the Generic Remote page) to Not Connected ?? Is that correct and all you have to do !! ?? :ugeek:



Yes (… or you could also send a money order to “vic_france” :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: )

Thanks VF,

i originally started an in depth description of this specific issue on my thread at :-

But the topic has been covered here (which i did not realize).

Anyway, what i would like to ask please is WHY DOES THIS WORK ??? What i mean is does setting the Generic Remote to ‘Not Connected’ ONLY disable the Sustian Pedal triggering the Mute/Solo, or does it disable other Midi Controllers as well ?? i ask because (although disabling the Generic Remote seems to have cured the Sustain Pedal issue) i am a bit concerned that it might cause me unexpected Midi issues later down the line when i am deeper into a Cubase project.



The generic remote you disabled has a command you do not want. I wouldn’t know how it got there. It has no other effect.

Have a look at the lower pane of the Generic Remote that’s where the commands are.

Maybe read the manual about the generic remote so get your head around what it does and why it exists.

Did you send Vic the money order? :wink:

Hi monsterjazzlicks,

The ‘Generic Remote’ is awesome as you can use it to set up your favorite controller keyboard (and other things) so that all the faders/pots/transport buttons work as intended; here’s an example of setting up some basic controls for an M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI controller keyboard:

It can be a little intimidating to look at initially :open_mouth: (with the different panes full of commands etc) but as SteveInChicago says, just spend a little time scanning through the C7 user guide (p.438, “Remote controlling Cubase”) and you’ll see its just a pussykat really (or a Koala) - a very useful one at that! :laughing:

Its interesting though about the random MIDI command causing the issue mentioned above as I recall that when I 1st installed Cubase 7.0.0 there was a bizarre rogue command in there (which took me ages to find) that convinced me that my old MIDI controller keyboard was dead (it kept on adjusting the Volume in Groove Agent ONE according to velocity on middle C). In the end I finally stumbled across the cause of the issue by complete accident (much to my relief) so I learned to make friends with it early he he! :slight_smile:

Regards, Kat

Thanks a lot Kat,

The ‘Generic Remote’ is awesome as you can use it to set up your favorite controller keyboard (and other things) so that all the faders/pots/transport buttons work as intended

i am still slightly undecided as to which path i am going to take as regards to having the Nord act as a full on controller for Cubase. In all honesty, i am much prefering to have the Nord control (via its many knobs/dials) virtually nothing within Cubase. i have found that the more i disable the better things work (for me). If i accidentally nudge dials on the Nord (which happens ALL the time :astonished: ) then the result is that parameters on Cubase get changed (like Faders, Pannings, CC# info) which is really annoying because if you don’t catch it at the time, your project gets thrown into disarray !!

Hi there,

I understand completely, its terrifying to nudge controllers by accident as this is so easy to do and it can cause much heart ache trying to work out what you have altered by accident (he said whimpering from experience)! :open_mouth: The thread link above shows a simple setup that ONLY uses quick controls and transport buttons (i.e. it excludes any of the other controllers available such as faders etc) and this is my preference for the exact same reason(s) you’ve mentioned - I chose just to setup a few useful things and disregard the rest! :wink:

Nord make some beautifully engineered keyboards (I’m envious) and they feature a lot of controls; so your reasoning sounds sensible to me! Its all to do with what is best for you and how you work - that’s all that matters - I prefer using the mouse generally as its just so quick, but I’ve always been terrible at controlling pots with it (filter sweeps etc), so I really like using the analogue pots on a MIDI keyboard (i.e. for quick controls). The only other thing is the transport buttons that I’ve found to be really helpful as my controller keyboard is located away from Cubase so its really useful to be able to be ready to start recording keyboard from sitting (instead of having to click record and quickly fly over to the keyboard etc) ha ha :laughing:

I think starting with the Nord controllers doing nothing is a good place to begin, then as you work - if you find yourself getting frustrated having to repeat tasks a lot with the mouse/keyboard (i.e. back and forth) then you could begin adding simple useful functions to an empty Generic Remote, and just work your way up from there!

I don’t own a Nord to be able to help you MIDI map yours from experience, but I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the Generic Remote in C7, so if the need arises in future just give us a shout if you get stuck!

Regards, Kat :slight_smile: