SWA Complete Cubase 6 Video Tutorial available now!

Dear Steinberg Forum Members,

We are happy to announce our in depth video tutorial on Cubase 6 “SWA Complete Cubase 6” which is expected to be ready for download on February 28th! We are now taking Pre-Orders on this title, order now and save $10.00 of the regular price!

Cubase 6 Complete provides more than two hours of tutorials that build on the Quick Start videos that came bundled with Cubase 6 (also produced by Streamworks Audio). Your purchase of SWA Complete Cubase 6 includes checklists, jacket templates, key maps and more, plus two free demo projects to work with.

These videos are intended for the intermediate to advanced Cubase User in the project or professional studio environment, or the home enthusiast who wants to get professional results in less time and fully utilize everything Cubase 6 has to offer.

Topics you will learn:

  • Theory of Operations
  • Advanced Set Up
  • Audio Tools
  • Audio Menu
  • Pool
  • Media Bay
  • Plug Ins
  • VST Instruments
  • Workflow
  • MIDI
  • Video & Score
  • Groove Agent One
  • Automation & Multi-Band
  • Control Room
  • Surround Sound
  • And more…

(Please note: This video tutorial is available in English only)

More info & sample video at

Your Streamworks Audio Team

but you haven’t mentioned the price ?

$19.99 pre-sale.


thank you


Went there. How the heck do you pre-order?


If you go to http://streamworksaudio.com?productLink=11 and click on the orange $19.99 Pre-Order button to add the video to your cart, and of course from the cart you can continue to checkout.

Streamworks Audio

Since there is no place like your peers to look stupid, here goes… I have a near complete set of ASK Cubase 5 dvd’s that I have JUST started viewing even though I have now upgraded to Win 7 64bit and C 6 64bit.

Sitting at my desk with the computer as my viewing device is a real pain in the butt and back. Does anyone know whether or not there is a way that I might “view” these, (including the new pre-order) upstairs, on the couch, in front of the TV, feet up and a bag of Fritos on the side ?



We are still considering if and how we would like to sell this title on physical media (DVD, or Blu Ray - although squeezing HD screencasts into a DVD frame size would not produce the greatest result… so Blu Ray would be the most likely format).

So we are curious, how many of you folks would like to have access to the video on such physical media (Blu Ray etc) and have the ability to watch the video on say a TV, and not just on the computer?


Just tried again. No joy. Browser complains about having non-secure content but even allowing all content shows no pre-order button. Looked at the code and there was no pre order button in the code either.

Well my answer is obvious…That WOULD be my preference. Either way I’m in !

Me too. Got all 4 AskVideo Cubase 5 DVDs just in time for Cubase 6. Gotta say these music tech video instruction companies are way behind the curve. All should be available for ipad. That’s the ultimate device for watching instructional videos. Agree - trying to have both on the same computer screen and tabbing between the apps was/is horrible. Always wanted to kick back on the couch and watch the AskVideo DVDs. I think there is a way to convert QuickTime to DVD, but I never followed it up. All major software video training companies now offer ipad apps like lynda.com and macprovideo.com. This Streamworks video looks good, but if I can’t watch it on an ipad, I ain’t getting it. MacProVideo is already preparing Cubase 6 videos. I think Matthew Lowell T. Hepworth will be the trainer and judging from his Cubase 6 NAMM presentations for Steinberg he is AMAZING!

Oh, and Chris more directly to answer your question, YES from me for having these for DVD. Even cheaper than ipad.

Finally, interesting that they chose a color scheme that mimics the look of Logic. That could be politically useful and I’d like to learn how to do it.

I’d like it on BluRay with the option to watch on PC also.

Most of our videos use the Quicktime/iTunes format - they would work all iDevices but there is no support for full HD on these devices yet (1080p) - we could make a lower res version that would work on each device, but then we would have to have something like 3 or 4 different versions - SD for older iPod/iPhone, HD 720p for newer iPods, iPhones, iPad and the Apple TV and then finally 1080p for most computer playback and TV (Blu Ray) - but that could confuse many end users as to which format they should purchase. But it is something we can look at I guess.

At this point the pre-order is the downloadable version of the video in 1080p Quicktime/iTunes format, we are looking at seeing if we can add other formats before the pre-order sale ends.


So I ponied up my $20… now we wait! :neutral_face: :ugeek:


Blu-ray makes good sense now that I think about it for me. There are several occasions where the TV option just REALLY out weighs the computer.

So what happens to those of us who ordered already and the option changes? NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL, just wishing to take advantage of the best for me…and I hate to say it, but it is always the TV for training materials.

We still have not decided if we will release this on physical media. Truth is that we used to sell all our titles on DVD as well as streaming them online. However in the last few years the DVD sales made it hard to continue producing them - as most went to download versions and financially made sense to go with downloads alone. So we need to decide if the cost of putting this title on some sort of physical media will make financial sense.

One thing we are strongly considering is putting this video in a format that even if downloaded can be played by several devices… one that comes to mind is video for iPad/iPod/iPhone or even the Apple TV (streamed from iTunes).


Click on the “More video tutorials” tab in the upper right of the tutorial interface (of tutorials that are included with C6) to see a discount code which brings the pre-sale price down to $12.99 :mrgreen: Sold!

My vote is for download versions.

Tanks for the info
$12.99 Sold :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Gotta say compared to other video tutorials this is a pretty damn good price.

Damn, I paid the full price :frowning: