Swing feel lost on D.S

Hello, the swinging feel of the jazz is lost after the D.S. marking. I have looked through forum discussions related to this issue but still cannot resolve it. I am attaching my project file here (The swing feel mysteriously disappears after the D.S. marking jumps to bar 33 in bar 24). :sob:

Project.dorico (1.3 MB)

I can reproduce this behavior with this simple snippet:

It is indeed the jump by D.S. to the segno which makes the swing feeling disappear. Maybe a bug?

Yes, just as you said. How should we solve this problem then?

Does the swing stick if you change it in Playback Options, rather than as a rhythmic feel change? Unless you need different types of swing at different times, that might be neater?

Hello, I also turned on jazz swing in Playback Options. You can download the content of my attachment, but still cannot solve this problem. What should I do? :cry:

Hello, if possible, could you help me fix the swing feeling of this project? Thank you very much for your patient explanation!

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The comments below are for the benefit of anybody else who might be attempting some troubleshooting of this problem. I have not been able to work out a solution myself.

If you play from anywhere between the sign (bar 33) and the repeat at the end of bar 72, the music between where the playback started and the repeat barline is played straight, but when the repeat is taken (back to bar 9), the swing feel resumes and is retained through the 2nd-time section (bars 25-32), into bar 33 (where the sign is) and continues until the end.

Also, if the D.S. and the sign are deleted, on the first time through the long repeated section (bars 9-72) playback goes through bars 17-24 and 25-32 (ie ignoring the 2nd-time bracket) before playing bar 33 (where the sign was), and the swing playback feel is retained from bar 33 till the end. What is curious in this scenario is that on the second time through this long repeated section, the 1st time section at bars 17-24 is skipped and the playback goes straight from bar 16 to the 2nd-time section at bar 25.

Well, it looks like this issue is a known vulnerability

I wanted to maintain the jazzy swing feel of the whole piece. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I was just reporting on any behaviour changes which I noticed.
I do not have a solution.

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Thank you very much, I really hope the official people can help me to fix this bug! :heart_eyes:

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Hi Jason, it’s considered impolite on this forum to bump your threads. I appreciate that you want a solution to your issue, but for problems that aren’t easy to solve, hopefully you might understand that they require a little looking into? And fitting into the busy schedules of the few people capable of doing so?

Additionally, for your reference if you’re based elsewhere in the world, the Dorico development team is primarily based in the UK, where it’s currently the morning and where yesterday evening it was Valentine’s Day. It is therefore likely that they may have spent less of their free time in the evening on the forum or working than normal (which is already a generous amount!)


Thank you so much for your patient explanation. I will wait patiently. Sorry to disturb your rest time. If there are any new solutions, please let me know. Thank you!

It looks like the only difference between the 1st/2nd repeat bars, is the guitar part.
So for a quick fix. Move the Guitar part to the 1st repeat (suppress playback on pass one) and mark it 2nd time only. Delete the 2nd time bars altogether. Delete the 1st/2nd endings and the DS and segno.


Thank you for the answer, “do not play the first time, play the second time”. How can it be marked in dorico?


  1. Use staff text (at the start and end), or
  2. Create a custom line with text at the start. eg…
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Thank you very much. Will the marked text be reflected in the playback?