Switch track from mono to stereo


Yup, soz to addd to this, but i just received a load of vox takes and stuff, dragged them into my project, asked it to create separate tracks for each, and yep… all mono. Didn’t even twig this time around until i’m inserting stereo effects and wondering what’s going on lol…

Excuse me whilst i laboriously create stereo tracks and drag the mono audio over…


I started on SX when I was super young, and this feature was in there. Would be fantastic to see it come back.




Did people just ignore your answer or am I missing something. You provided a solution to the exact problem! And if you assign a shortkey, that’s even better.

I’ve come to understand not only Cubase but Steinberg more and more as I explore. There is still a bit of a disconnect with new users because I think the company clearly understands the value of maintaining an existing client and how much more profitable it is than pursuing a new one. However, many of the requests are often things that have either a different workflow in Cubase and only a few solutions are a “workaround”. This is actually applicable with all DAWs. What has happened recently though is that most DAWs have incorporated a similar “digital-centric” workflow which steers away from the traditional audio workflow that DAWs like Cubase and ProTools still have which relies on a very specific and clear understanding of signal flow. This is likely because most of these DAWs (eg FL Studio) started out as “toys” and weren’t designed to be used in the professional sector, but rather were meant for the consumer market. But as creativity would have it, many of these consumers were aspiring musicians and composers who just didn’t have the formal audio production training to operate traditional audio equipment.

So now Steinberg gets flack because they don’t want to conform as other companies have to the pressure of making their software easier to use for people who may not even take the profession seriously or intend to make a career out of it. At the same time, some users are compelled to try other DAWs because in Steinderg’s effort to maintain a certain standard, they may miss opportunities to make significant improvements not only to their DAW but to the industry at large as they once did.

I still think I have the best DAW in Cubase 10. Much as people still complain about it, I think that has a lot more to do with the perception that’s been built up over the last decade. I don’t think most people actually even understand and realise the vastness and flexibility of Cubase, particularly V10. It’s now just a DAW, it’s a learning tool that I will be learning from and with for years to come.

+1 Sometimes you forget to create it in mono (for a voice, a kick or a bass) and it’s a hassle to create a new channel by moving everything there, etc

Make an instrument track, it doesn’t show as mono or stereo. Assign a single-channel External Instrument to that channel, like a Minimoog. The track is now mono (one circle in Mix Console.) When you insert a stereo effect on that channel, it plays in mono. I tried Convert Track but “mono to multichannel” is greyed out, and that only appears to apply to audio tracks (making them split stereo?) I also tried inserting a “MonotoStereo” insert but that didn’t make a difference either.

Better feature request: eliminate mono tracks from the whole program. The only thing they seem to do is mono your inserts.



I just tried it and all it is meant to do (in the case of “mono to multi-channel”) is merging multiple mono tracks into stereo, so this cannot be used to only convert a singular mono track to stereo format, unfortunately.
Therefore, the issue remains, as it does not compute unless you have selected 2 mono tracks before attempting the operation.

I did note that if you want to use this feature to convert a single mono track to stereo, you can duplicate the track first, THEN use this feature. This way you end up with a stereo track and stereo file with identical L and R side (in effect a mono file on a stereo track)

I bought Cubase Pro about 5 years ago after years of producing in Pro Tools because I did a vocal session with a producer and watched him edit my takes with the variaudio tools. I was floored. Since then I have been satisfied with Cubase as a vocal production tool but I don’t like that I have to send a mono vocal to a group track to use stereo plugins. Yesterday I worked at a friend’s studio who uses Logic and he was able to change a mono track to stereo with the click of a button and begin processing the track with stereo plugins. I thought, “WOW what a great feature, I’m sure Cubase must have something similar, which would make my sessions so much tidier and easier to navigate!”

But from the looks of this thread, Cubase doesn’t yet have this feature, which is quite disappointing. So far the only solutions that I’ve seen on this thread are: A) duplicate the track and convert the two identical mono tracks to a stereo track, which can then benefit from stereo plugins, or B) continue to bus the mono vocal track to a stereo group, as I’ve been doing.

The problem I see with solution A is that I regularly need to record new parts on the vocal track. If I duplicate the track and convert two mono tracks to stereo, what happens if I want to record over an existing part when, for instance, a revision is necessary? I can make all the revisions I want while using solution B, as the mono channel is simply feeding the stereo group.

I’d love to find a solution that doesn’t require me to create a stereo group for each mono track, so if there are any that I missed or that haven’t yet been posted, I’m interested! Otherwise, +1 user requesting a quick and easy mono > stereo track switching feature.

Why are people even creating and using mono tracks when they want to apply stereo processing to them?!

You can simply create a stereo track and record a mono input there, it will automatically play back on both channels and you can stereo process all year long…

Just don’t ever use mono tracks unless you WANT this track to stay mono forever, with all processing through to the final mix. It is that easy.

By choosing to create a mono or stereo track, you don’t tell Cubase what you want to record. You tell Cubase what you want in the end in your mix.

You guys complaining, simply forget mono tracks exist and record your mono material to stereo tracks from now on.

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Cool! I’m stoked about this last suggestion to “create a stereo track and record a mono input there”, but not 100% clear on how it works…

I’m trying it right now: I just recorded a mono vocal to a stereo track, but the stereo region only shows a waveform on the left channel and it only plays in the left channel. So it looks like the mono signal is only recorded to the left channel and it doesn’t play back on both channels. This result is obviously not what should happen, so I think I misunderstood the last suggestion.

Where did I make my mistake? Thanks for clarifying!

How did you set the audio track up? Here is an example:

Pick a mono input, but leave the configuration on Stereo, I don’t know what that does for you, but when I record like that, I get something that looks like this:

Which plays perfectly centered.

So, basically, you leave the track configuration as stereo and also the audio outputs. (After all, you want to put stereo fx on there, and want the end result to come out in stereo as well.)
But you need to tell Cubase that you are using a mono input and choose the correct one. Usually, it is the left channel, so select the left mono channel from your input.

Your audio interface has usually stereo inputs, and if you plug in a mono microphone or instrument and you record that with the default stereo input, you get that “dead right channel”. The instrument or mic is mono after all, and only uses the left channel. That’s why you need to select only that channel as an input for the audio track.

Yep, that’s a great solution for me! The problem I had in my last post was indeed the “dead right channel”, but I had the input set to “Stereo In”. When I created a stereo track with a mono input (named “Analog 1” in my setup) it behaved exactly as your screenshot: I recorded a mono waveform but the channel inserts processed in stereo.

Thanks @DAC_Protogen for helping me sort that out! I know this will definitely tidy up my session routing and I hope it helps some other people too.

First time I ever write in here because it is something that bothers me a lot tbh. I’m waiting for this feater since I started with music production with Cubase 7. And here I am, 4 versions later, googling again if it is finally implemented.
What happens to me on a regular basis: I pull a sample from my library into my daw without really paying attention because I’m in the zone and just want to get my idea or tune going and I made a bunch of sound design and automations until I realize I used a mono sample which - naturally - gets initialized on a mono track. Usually I’m at a point where I want to use stereo FX so now, I have to

  • make a blank stereo track,
  • copy the sample + arrangement,
  • copy the color + name the track,
  • copy all the FX and stuff I used,
  • copy the automations
  • adjust the routing.

So I have to do everything AGAIN except for the creative part and this is really annoying when I know back in the days when I learned recording and mixing with logic it was just a single click there.

Or at least give me the option to never initialize mono files in mono tracks.

Pretty Please

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Not meant as a solution, but as a dirty workaround for you:
You could use a batch converter and turn your entire sample collection into stereo format.

My solution:
First of all, go to Project>Convert Tracks>Mono to multi channel and make sure the settings are as follows:
Selected tracks = source tracks
Keep source tracks = options
Stereo = destination format

Then, go to Edit>Key Commands, click Show Macros and Add a New Macro.
You can name it “mono track to stereo”.
Add the following commands (IN THIS ORDER):

Project - duplicate tracks
Navigate - add up
Audio - convert tracks: mono to multi-channel
Project - remove selected tracks
Navigate - down
Also optional, if you want to rename the track to remove the “_Stereo” that is automatically added - add the following command:
Edit - rename first selected tracks

After that, find your macro in the Macro folder of the Key Commands window and assign a key to it.
NOTE that this is still not a one click operation, after hitting this key you will still have to hit enter and rename your track.

Hope you guys find this helpful!