SX3, Cubase 5 & Wavelab 6 Installation For Windows 10 64bit

Good day,

I have challenges that I hope I can get help for.

I have three USB dongles:
1 - SX3
2 - Wavelab 6
3 - Cubase 5

I have managed to locate the SX3 installer data for Windows 10 with a successful installation in order for me to export the MIDI and OMF files for import into different DAWs in order for me to continue with my passion project.

I am struggling to locate installer data/links for Wavelab 6 and need direction or counsel regarding this issue.

I read somewhere (forgot where) that Cubase 5 works perfectly in Windows 10 but I am struggling to find the installation links. Can someone help me with this too please?

One last challenge I am facing is that I was not able to log in to my previous email addresses which were used in the registration of my SX3 and Wavelab 6 but I know what those email addresses are. How do I update and/or transfer these into my new details?
The other thing - The Cubase 5 was a gift from a now-deceased friend who decided to build a new studio using Logic as his primary DAW. How do I register that under my name using my details?

What details would be required from me in order to get me moving in the right direction?

Eagerly anticipating your replies and help.

See here also for forum search: Search results for 'older versions downloads' - Steinberg Forums

Contacting support is the only way.

If they did not transfer the license to there’s nothing you can do. In any case, you would have to use tech support to potentially resolve that.

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Thank you @steve for your speedy response. Let me go through what you’ve directed me to and I’ll get back to you should I run into any other challenges as I try resolve this.

Thanks again. :heart_hands: