Symbols Editor printing issue

Dear Developers and Customers,

first: Im very happy with this amazing program! The only thing Im struggling with is - please dont get it personally! - the style, especially of the breaks, which remind me a bit on a comic-look; so I was even more happy when the new symbol-editor came out.

I imported other breaks with Inkscape-generated SVG-files, which look as they should in the program, but make big problems trying to print them (to PDF with FreePDF / ghostscript):
On the Palestrina-file attached you can see the washy lines around the changed quarter-breaks; in the Mozart-Sonata all breaks are changed and the printing quality is getting worse; with bigger files (the whole Sonata) printing is not possible at all…

I think the mistake is on my side, but I dont have any clue - maybe somebody else had it too and fixed it already.

Thanks for your help!

@developers: It would be great to save personal styles from the editor individually - like a ‘preset’. (938 KB)

Welcome to the forum, FlorianK. I’ll look into this problem and come back to you as soon as I can.

I’ve been looking into this problem and unfortunately you will need to take a different approach for the time being than using an SVG. If you have the means to put your preferred rest symbol into a font, which should be straightforward enough – you can take your SVG and bring it into a font editor – then that will work better.

The reason for the problem is that in order to be able to show that an item drawn using a graphic is selected, we add a transparent rectangle to the item we draw in the score which becomes opaque and coloured orange when you select the item that uses the SVG. This works fine on the screen, but when we print, Qt’s print engine sees the transparent rectangle and automatically redraws that region using a bitmap to be sure of reproducing the transparency, which many printer drivers do not otherwise support. We will need to change the mechanism by which we indicate that this kind of item is selected, which we’ll do in a future update.

In the meantime, you will find that using Dorico’s own PDF export works OK, provided you export in colour (if you export in monochrome, the transparent rectangle will be rendered black). Or, better still, use a font character rather than an SVG for your replacement symbols.

Thank you for your detailed answer! I will try it with a font editor.