Sync issues with Cubase 11

What could be the possible reason for Cubase 11 not playting back in sync, with Focusrite Scarlett 2I2?

Hi… Check your media pool for the “x” for the musical mode column. Maybe some are checked and some not resulting some files playing to the tempo and some not. Hope this is helpfull.

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The problem seems to be the metronome click is a bit ahead of the time, so the recording ends up being slightly aheadf of the beat. Is that even possible?

Hi… I’m sorry but I do not fully understand what you are trying to explain. The metronome should always be on the beat. Sorry but can’t help you there.

Good to know I had my own share of sync problems where I had to add a Record shift time. This can be found under Studio → Studio Setup… → VST Audio System. At the bottom of the page there is a Record Shift option which should be set to 0. Other values result in audio being recorded before or after the time.

Make sure you installed the Focusrite ASIO drivers and selected them in this same window. But I asume you already did that.

My topic was External FX negative delay compensation - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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The problem is that the recording of audio puts itself some milliseconds ahead of the time when played back. This is on a laptop, so could there be any kind of interference from the Windows 10 itself that does this?