Sync problem midi hardware synth

Hi all been having a big problem with recording audio from Novation Peak and Matrixbrute. Audio is recording just very slightly out of time. WHen i draw single midi notes in time with metronome the triggered audio that is recorded is out by a very small amount. I have tried everything to get this working and I don’t know if its a problem with my pc or interface or a missed setting. Tho I have spent 3 days searching and have changed every setting possible. I have ran Midi and USB , changed settings on the Peak and Matrix, to compensate. Been throw every transport setting and buffer. I have went back from cubase 12 to 11 artist with a new install. I have by-passed interface and still the same problem. changed USB ports from type c to usb 3 and 2. I have contacted a cubase user, whom is baffled. I have used dely compensation and it didn’t fix it

as you can see in photo the audio is landing just out of time

Interface is scarlett 8i6
pc specs i7 9700k
32 gig ram
nve drives
I am not a professional cubase user by the way
hope i have explained it well
Please someone help me
thanks jamie

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You can try to use it as an external instrument.

I haven’t trued that yet. Ill try now thanks

What amount ? Because either using your synth modules as external instruments or not, there is indeed a slight delay to be expected due to the whole system latency. Here, even with an audio buffer set to 128 samples (at 44.1 kHz), I get a delay of 8 ms between the MIDI notes recorded and the audio feedback of a given VSTi. And using a synth module connected to my DAW as an external instrument in Cubase, this delay is more or less doubled (~15 ms).

This is inherent to any digital audio system working with audio buffers…

thanks for replying, I can compensate it on Ableton very well with delay compensation . Its perfect, each note is exactly placed. Is there now way round this. The metronome isn’t on time with the synth either.

this has the same problem. ALso printed the mix for export and its out by a small ammount, the same in the picture ive posted. thanks

As you know the delay amount, have you tried to adjust the Track Delay setting (in the inspector) accordingly, which is applied when playing it back ?

External synths:
If you have ANY heavy latency plugins on ANY tracks , use the Delay compensation button on the left bottom to suspend latency until you have recorded your external synths .
I was recorded a 16th note 303 line my self today via external instruments (for midi data) and recorded the audio via a Buss for real time filter sweeps without any latency at all

That is odd. When you send MIDI notes to external instrument, latency will be compensated. Did you connect AD and MIDI out to the external inst?

Actually if you send MIDI clock to the external isn’t, the external sequencer will run earlier by any plug-in buffer that is involved with it.
On the project synchronization panel, you have to send clock to the External inst, not to the physical port. (Entries with brackets ( ) are the external instrument ports.

Actually , i wasn’t talking about transport sync i was talking midi data sync in the project with recording latency . Completely different things

BYW, hardware synth will never be exactly on the time like VSTi. Even with USB MIDI, the timing is not instant, the reaction time of the computers in the synth has latency, AD and DA has latency.
Even if all these are compensated using external inst in cubase, the return signal always has some fluctuations.
However usually, if you set up external instrument correctly, the timing will be almost perfect even with buffered plugins on its path.

Yes but it doesn’t work with the matrixbrute. With the peak it doesn’t stay in place, landing before and after where its suppose to land. Thanks

No it isn’t but if you suspend all latency high plugins with the delay compensation and run on the max of 256 buffer you will have something recorded that your brain will not recognise as a delay . IF,and it’s big IF your system is configured correctly .
I record 16 tracks via 5 different midi interfaces via 48u of eurorack with no issues ,with a 10 year old i7
because it’s optimised to my needs

Compared to Ableton, Once deley is compensated its bang on the money on each bar

I have not run any plugins that im aware off

Have you used the delay button at the bottom left on the project page ?

Just tried it and no difference. One thing I have noticed, as you watch the audio recording it is exactly where the midi notes are triggering, once it stops, its as if it snaps to grid and moves up slightly

Just to be clear. The audio is moving itselft once recording stops. It is recording on time the moving once stopped.

That sounds like some sort of delay on Direct Audio input , have you anything inserted on any thing on your INPUT tracks ,not your recorded channels ?